Towards the Future Internet: A European Research Perspective Review

Towards the Future Internet: A European Research Perspective
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Given that the Web was born at CERN in Europe some 20 years ago, this book is of interest in showing a European-wide effort to research future directions of the Internet. Alas, most of the papers only describe initial stages in test deployments or modellings. There is no single gripping idea that leaps from the pages that is as compelling as the browser and http that started the Web.
This may be because the low hanging fruit of the Web 1.0 has been harvested, and the peerings into the future will require much harder technical effort.
One proposed idea is the integrating of widespread sensor networks into the Internet. With a concomitant need for machine-to-machine interactions. It is suggested that the traffic for this may well dominate various other human mediated interactions on the Internet. There is also a need for sensor vendor independent specifications (ie. interfaces), to allow for easy downstream applications to use the sensor data. Perhaps existing work on MANETs may head in this direction?
Another paper gives a useful analysis of some current p2p networks - that use the tree or mesh models to distribute their data.
Several papers do seem to drown under a mass of acronymic jargon; perhaps inevitable in any field.

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The Internet is a remarkable catalyst for creativity, collaboration and innovation providing us today with amazing possibilities that just two decades ago would have been impossible to imagine. Our challenge today is to prepare a trip into the future: what will be the Internet in ten twenty years from now and what more amazing things will it offer to people? In order to see what the future will bring, we first need to consider some important challenges that the Internet faces today. European scientists proved that they are at the forefront of Internet research already since the invention of the web. But the challenges are huge and complex and cannot be dealt with in isolation. The European Future Internet Assembly is the vehicle to a fruitful scientific dialogue, bringing together the different scientific disciplines that contribute to the future Internet development. Until now, scientists from more than 90 research projects were funded with around 300 million euros under the 7th Framework Programme. Another 400 million euros will be made available in the near future. These amounts coupled with private investments bring the total investment to more than a billion euros, showing Europes commitment to address the challenges of the future Internet. Towards the Future Internet is a peer-reviewed collection of scientific papers addressing some of the challenges ahead that will shape the Internet of the future. The selected papers are representative of the research carried out by EU-funded projects in the field.IOS Press is an international science, technical and medical publisher of high-quality books for academics, scientists, and professionals in all fields. Some of the areas we publish in:-Biomedicine-Oncology-Artificial intelligence-Databases and information systems-Maritime engineering-Nanotechnology-Geoengineering-All aspects of physics-E-governance-E-commerce-The knowledge economy-Urban studies-Arms control-Understanding and responding to terrorism-Medical informatics-Computer Sciences

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