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eBay Quick Steps
A book review by Frank Dobrowolski
May 12, 2005
by Carole Matthews & John Cronan
Published by McGraw-Hill/Osborne
ISBN 0-07-225506-4 2004 240 pages
List price: $16.99 On Amazon: $11.55 +S/H
This is a short book, with wide margins and many vivid color illustrations and tables. As a result it is a quick read - per its title. It has a simple, direct approach which works well for eBay beginners and novices. It also contains some information that likely would help advanced users.
I like the illustrated, annotated Walk through of an eBay Transaction
1.Prospective seller registers to sell an item on eBay
2.Takes photos of object to sell and writes a description of it
3.Enters the description, photos, payment terms, shipping information, and other supporting material into eBay's auction selling form
4.Track the item as buyers start bidding on it
5.The buyer registers to participate in the auction
6.Buyer finds the item and bids on it
7.Buyer wins the auction and connects with seller to verify the details and the buyer pays the seller
8.Seller sends the package per the shipping terms specified
9.Buyer receives the item
10.Buyer and Seller provide feedback about each other in this transaction.
The Find Your Way around eBay chapter begins with a page-filling illustration that is typical of this book. The eBay home page is shown and eight areas are picked with a comment on each. The chapter continues with more large figures and sidebar "Tips" and "notes".
One page is filled with a table that lists the type of auction, gives a description and notes requirements. For example:
*Auction - Buy It Now [Fixed Price]
*Description - Offers the item for a given price and there is no auction
*Requirement - Seller must have a feedback rating of at least 30 and be a registered user for at least 14 days of be ID Verified.
The guidance on ID Verified contains 11 steps and one figure, one Note and one Tip.
The following chapters are similarly presented in easy to follow text with numerous colorful illustration, tables and sidebars. Chapter 9 presents information I have not seen this in other books on eBay and it is done well here. The Chapter
has sections entitled
*Detect and Report Account theft
*Use Buyer Fraud-Protection Measures
*File a Fraud Alert
*Set up a Bidder Alert
*Block Bidders or Buyers
*Report Unwelcome Buyers
*Use Additional Resources
a.Security Center
b.Law Enforcement & Other Resources
This may be the best book on eBay I have seen for beginners and novices in using eBay. Advanced users probably would find some information that they could use.

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