MacBook Pro Portable Genius Review

MacBook Pro Portable Genius
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I am a recent convert to the MAC and although I would never go back to a PC the change over left me with a lot of questions that no one seemed to be able to answer. I tried the Apple store,but they were always putting you on hold; I tried Macbook for dummies but I felt as dumb after as I did before. My salvation came in the form of the "Portable genius" by Brad Miser. It is as easy read and answers all of the questions that you don't know to ask. I highly recommend it for anyone using a Mac!
Bob Peiffer

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You have the world's top-of-line laptop, and now you want to know how to get the most from it. MacBook Pro Portable Genius is here to give you the best tips and tricks for taking your MacBook Pro to its full potential. Learn to add more data storage, set up a network, communicate effectively with iChat, run Windows applications on Leopard, and more. With full-color images and insider secrets, the MacBook Pro Portable Genius is your essential guide to getting the most from your state of the art laptop.

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