The Motor Oil Bible: Exposing the 3,000 Mile Oil Change Myth Review

The Motor Oil Bible: Exposing the 3,000 Mile Oil Change Myth
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You won't find this on the NY's Bestseller list or Oprah's book of the month reading list, but owning this book is the best thing any mechanic or car owner will ever do. While you might think, this subject is dry and boring and you already know what oil does. You will find after reading a few chapters that you know absolutely nothing about this essential element of your car's, or any engine's lifeblood. To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Kaufman is not an automotive or chemical oil engineer or a scientist or anyone that you would think would be writing a book like this. This is a good thing because the information is presented in an easy to read style that keeps techno mumbo jumbo down to a minimum. The book is logically laid out and explains everything in detail, which doesn't leave the reader asking the question, (What did I just read?). For me Mr. Kaufman's expertise was verified while talking to my son, who just graduated after a two year program in diesel, automotive and industrial mechanics, about oil viscosity. My son talked about the same things that I just read in the book. This told me the information in the book is accurate, current and accepted in the automotive industry. If you want to know the difference between petroleum, based and synthetic oils this book is for you. If you want to know how to compare oil specifications, this book is for you. If you want to become an oil aficionado, this book is for you. Most of all this book is for anyone who wants that huge monetary investment in the garage to last as long as possible and cut repair cost on all their vehicles.

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The most comprehensive and easy to read motor oil & filtration manual EVER WRITTEN. The knowledge gained from reading it will ABSOLUTELY save you thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicles. So, What Will You Learn?How to Choose the Right OilPetroleum, synthetic or blend? Diesel or Gas? API SM, SL, SF? What viscosity: 0w20 or 5w30? Mobil, Castrol, some exotic brand?The questions go on and on, and, without a good working knowledge of motor oils, you can't really answer any of them in an informed way. "The Motor Oil Bible" will not only give you a foundation on which to stand by educating you about motor oils in general, but will also specifically address all of these questions and numerous others related to the selection of a motor oil for your vehicle.What Do the Technical Specs MeanOnce you know the type of oil you need, you're then left with the task of comparing the various oils that are available that meet your criteria. This can be a daunting task if you don't really understand what the data on the tech spec sheets means. I'll explain clearly what each specification means, which ones will be most valuable to you, and how to compare them.Everything You Need to Know About FiltrationI don't care how good your oil is, if you don't keep it filtered well, it won't be long before it is worthless. So, it pays to know everything you can about air & oil filtration. I'll give you the info that nobody else is giving you, the info that will actually help you evaluate which filters are right for you.The Truth About Motorcycle OilsDo you REALLY need a motorcycle specific oil? If so, how do you decide which one to purchase? Should you be using the OEM oil? What about your warranty? I'll clear the smoke and break the mirrors that have confused this issue for so long.

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Access Controlled: The Shaping of Power, Rights, and Rule in Cyberspace (Information Revolution and Global Politics) Review

Access Controlled: The Shaping of Power, Rights, and Rule in Cyberspace (Information Revolution and Global Politics)
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Smartly organized and edited, Access Controlled is essential reading for anyone interested in studying the methods governments are using globally to stifle online expression and dissent. There is simply no other resource out there like this; it should be required reading in every cyberlaw or information policy program.
The book, which is a project of the OpenNet Initiative (ONI), is divided into two parts. Part 1 of the book includes six chapters on "Theory and Analysis." They are terrifically informative essays. The beefy second part of the book provides a whopping 480 pages(!) of detailed regional and country-by-country overviews of the global state of online speech controls and discuss the long-term ramifications of increasing government meddling with online networks.
The book offers a useful taxonomy to illustrate the three general types of speech and information controls that states are deploying today. Throughout the book, various authors document the increasing movement away from "first generation controls," which are epitomized by "Great Firewall of China"-like filtering methods, and toward second- and third-generation controls, which are more refined and difficult to monitor.
The individual authors seem to adopt a somewhat gloomy outlook toward the long-term prospects for "technologies of freedom" relative to "technologies of control." But I think it's vital to put things in some historical context in this regard. It's important to recall that, as a communications medium, the Net is still quite young. So, is the Net really more susceptible to State control and manipulation than previous communications technologies and platforms? I'm not so sure, although it's hard to find a metric to compare them in an analytically rigorous fashion. It's certainly true that the State has access to more data about its citizens than in the past, but it's also true that we have more information about the State than ever before, too! And, again, we also have access to more of those technologies of freedom than ever before to at least try to fight back. Compare, for example, the plight of a dissident in a Cold War-era Eastern Bloc communist state to a dissident in China or Iran today. Which one had a better chance of getting their words (or audio and video) out to the local or global community?
Despite those small quibbles, Access Controlled is an indispensable resource that belongs on the bookshelf of anyone who covers information technology policy and wants to better understand global Internet regualtion. Highly recommended. [You can find my complete review at the Technology Liberation Front Blog]

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Reports on a new generation of Internet controls that establish a newnormative terrain in which surveillance and censorship are routine.

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The Rough Guide to First-Time Africa 1 (Rough Guide Travel Guides) Review

The Rough Guide to First-Time Africa 1 (Rough Guide Travel Guides)
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Rough Guide's "First-Time" series give a basic overview of a given part of the world meant to orientate people who have a vague plan of going there and a little uncertainty about independent travel. Indeed, each installment contains much the same information about basics like how to pack, how to get air tickets, and what to wear. A large portion of the book is made up of two-page summaries about each African country, excepting those currently dangerous to travel in (CAR, Buruni, Republic of Congo, Somalia). These summaries sketch the major places to see and the daily budget you'll need. There's also general coverage of African culinary traditions, health matters, and how to stay safe. I found the boxed texts with travel anecdotes fun, where travelers write in to talk about zany or touching situations they found themselves in.
There is nothing here that you couldn't pick together from disparate Internet sources. And certainly, this is more valuable as something to get psyched up with than to plan your trip in any detail. However, if your budget allows, this is an entertaining all-in-one resource to get you started on going to Africa.

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Planning a trip to Africa? Get started with The Rough Guide First-Time Africa. Packed with essential information, this pre-trip guide makes the preparations easy and the travelling fun – and saves you money along the way.The title shares informed advice on buying the best ticket, getting visas and vaccinations, planning your itinerary, budgeting and packing wisely. Practical tips on coping with your first night in Africa, plus the low-down on getting around, finding accommodation, staying healthy and travelling safely. Comprehensive profiles of 41 countries, including details of the main attractions and when to go.

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Little Black Book of SEO Secrets Review

Little Black Book of SEO Secrets
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I've worked in the home building industry for the past 5 years dealing with incoming leads and constantly trying to help builders find ways to get noticed. This book has such great insight and input. Jim Adams demystifies SEO techniques with easy to understand and implement information. Though this book is targeted for Homebuilders and real estate, I find that it applies and translates to information useful to all my business clients. Thanks Jim for a great, easy to understand book!

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Wine Report 2007 Review

Wine Report 2007
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Wine Report 2004 by Tom Stevenson is an exceptional reference for both the expert and the beginner. I'm in the wine business and have dozens of wine books which each have their merits. Mr. Stevenson's New Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia is one of the benchmarks of the business and is respected world over. The Wine Report 2004 is a much smaller book in comparison, but it's chock full of information. Relying on local experts to cover the various regions of the world is a well chosen strategy. The Grapevine section at the beginning of each chapter provides juicy (no pun intended) gossip for wine insiders. It's also great to read the opinions of the experts and their predictions/hopes for the future of wine in their part of the world. The information inside is as current as it gets. Simply a great pocket reference for the wine insider. Well done!

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The essential insider's guide to every major wine-growing region in the world, the book offers dozens of helpful Top 10 lists covering a broad range of topics, including Best-Value Producers, Greatest-Quality Wines, and Most Exciting or Unusual Finds.

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SEO For 2010: Search Engine Optimization Secrets Review

SEO For 2010: Search Engine Optimization Secrets
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I was looking for fresh SEO content and SEO 2010 has a lot of great information. The style of writing makes it easy to plow through the information and as my 3 stars indicate I did like it. It could have gotten an additional star if it wasn't for the shameless plugs for the seo services of the author.
He mentions several times through out the book how expensive his services cost and if you have enough money he will help you to. The capper for me is when he recommended a submission service [...]. This is one spamming looking site with no PR that through up spam warnings from my Norton insight.
Also they offer to take your money but there was no security lock? And yes this website also offers the books authors SEO services. The book is supposed to be a Do it yourself guide not a pre-sell for SEO services. Depending on your skill level this book can be helpful. I wish he would have not thrown in all the plugs!

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A very well-designed web site is useless if no one can find it on the web. If your company is going to succeed on the web, optimizing your site for search engine visibility is a must.Especially since it is the telephone book of the now, not the future. This book is written by the two most noted and accomplished experts in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) and provides you with proven guidelines, cutting-edge techniques, tips, and the how-to's for planning and executing a comprehensive SEO strategy.This is the first book to cover the Bing search engine in-depth.It tackles how to submit your website to the search engines, basic to advanced optimization techniques, learn how to determinetrophy keywords, keyword density, little known tricks and methods pros use, learn how to increase your rankings, and learn from those who started the entire SEO industry.This is the only guide you need!

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Liferay Portal 6 Enterprise Intranets Review

Liferay Portal 6 Enterprise Intranets
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This book offers its reader 650 pages of screenshots, configuration file listings and explanations of this kind:
"In the same way, you can set the property to false if you want to be able to create users without an e-mail address. Note that not requiring an e-mail address would disable some features that depend on an e-mail address being provided".
It might be that I missed one or two pieces of valuable information in this book, but generally they are simply not there. No guidance, no backgrounds (e.g., how does ntlm generally work und how does it work with Liferay?), absolutely no usage scenarios, no architectures, nothing useful in this book! Watch out for the bad comments on the 2008 version of this book. They are still valid.

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This book is a practical guide with a very user-friendly approach. The author has taken a virtual enterprise as an example and has used the features of Liferay to build a corporate intranet for that enterprise. This book is for system administrators or experienced users (not necessarily programmers) who want to install and use Liferay in their teams or businesses without dealing with complex code. Prior knowledge of Liferay is not expected for this book.

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Dynamic Diva Dollars Review

Dynamic Diva Dollars
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We all seek the answer to the magical question: Can I truly be debt free? Living in a billion dollar debt society, you're probably thinking, "Yeah, right!" I, too, was a skeptic . . . until I read Dynamic Diva Dollars. This book speaks to the yearning in everyone to seek financial freedom. From broke single-parent to wealthy diva herself, Bomani teaches us to challenge our mindset about spending, be honest about our financial predicament, commit to a debt free lifestyle, and finally, quickly build wealth. She even shares some of her personal financial secrets, from accumulating real estate to using a loan to family member as a tax deduction.
Not only is Dynamic Diva Dollars filled with helpful information to help you crawl out of your debt funk, the author also equips us with a galore of web tools to assist us in our wealth journey. I'm inspired . . . but I have one lingering question: what about student loan debt? Bomani discusses credit card debt; however, today's college generation's school debt sometimes equals that of a first home loan, a major rising crisis hardly touched by financial experts. I'm interested in reading her words of wisdom in regards to this chilling trend.
Regardless of the type of debt you've accumulated, being financially free should be every DIVA's goal! With Bomani's guide in your purse, you've taken the first step to becoming a wealthy Dynamic Diva. I know I have--and I'm looking forward to early retirement!
4 Pink Diamonds
Tasha Martin of the SistahFriend Book Club

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Here is an easy step-by-step guide to becoming a millionaire. You will learn secrets that will help you get your financial act together, manifest a fortune, and make a difference with the money you make.

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Planning Your Wedding Sucks: What to do when place cards, plus ones, and paying two grand for a cake make you miserable Review

Planning Your Wedding Sucks: What to do when place cards, plus ones, and paying two grand for a cake make you miserable
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Elena Donovan Mauer and Joanne Kimes have written a fabulous guide in Planning Your Wedding Sucks! The #1 thing that brides need as they maneuver through all of the tricky spots in wedding planning - those etiquette minefields and temptations to `over-do it' with their wedding elements - is a sense of humor. And Elena and Joanne deliver that perfect mix of essential advice and witty comments that keep the bride's feet on the ground. All so that their wedding planning won't suck...for them or for their grooms.
I absolutely love how they get right to the important message: wedding stress can hurt your relationship with the groom. So the tips in this book really do help the bride keep her perspective, and avoid planning mistakes that will surely lead to regret (and wasted money!) One of the most brilliant sections in this book - among the many! - is "10 Questions to Ask Before You DIY," which will open a bride's eyes about what's realistic to take on, and what really should be entrusted to a wedding professional.
I found myself laughing through and loving this's such a breath of fresh air for any bride who wants to enjoy the wedding planning process. And it's going to be really appreciated by everyone around the bride, who can also use the fabulous advice within these pages.

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Bling. Flowers. Tulle.The three things that every little girl dreams of when she pictures her wedding day.What she doesn't consider is the stuff of nightmares: Overdrawn checking accounts. Drunk relatives. The seating chart that looks like a road map.In this book, Joanne Kimes and Elena Donovan Mauer expose the tedious (and often traumatic) tasks that really go into pulling off a wedding. From dealing with overbearing mothers-in-law and making time for their lovable, but clueless, fianc?s to suffering through endless alterations and meetings with the con artists known as "vendors," there's a lot that you need to know. After all, a wedding is supposed to be something you look forward to--not something you have to endure before the honeymoon!Armed with Kimes' trademark, no-holds-barred humor, Donovan Mauer's bridal industry know-how, and copious amounts of wine, you'll get through the stress of planning your weddings with style, humor, and grace. Or, at the very least, without beating members of the wedding party with that $500 bouquet.

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All the News That's Fit to Sell: How the Market Transforms Information into News Review

All the News That's Fit to Sell: How the Market Transforms Information into News
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Having last studied economics as an undergraduate many years ago, I was partially prepared to understand the perspective from which Prof. Hamilton analyzes news, its content, and the market forces dictating that content and its distribution in "All the News That's Fit to Sell". As a citizen concerned with the body politic and its seeming habit of voting against its own long-term economic interests, I was more than curious to understand how, in an age when access to information is almost limitless, people continue to subscribe to political falsehoods and half-truths propagated by our elected officials.
Hamilton throws us into the deep end of economic theory right away by observing that "news is a commodity... a product shaped by forces of supply and demand," and thus amenable to market theory to "predict the content of news and evaluate its impact on society." In this way, he wants to show "how consumers' desires drive news coverage and how this conflicts with ideals of what the news ought to be."
First, Hamilton places news within the larger category of information goods--goods characterized by being public and experience goods, by product dimension differentiation, and by high fixed costs/low variable costs. These characteristics help explain how market forces determine what becomes news. At the consumer end, Hamilton borrows from Anthony Downs to identify four information demands, i.e. reasons people desire information: consumption, production, entertainment, and voting. For the first three demands, consumption of the news realizes its benefit. For voting, however, the economic cost of investing the time and effort to inform oneself on each of the candidates and their positions does not justify the probability that that individual's vote will change the final election outcome, leading to Downs's conclusion "that voters do not demand information on policy details and choose to remain 'rationally ignorant'."
Although recent percentage voter turnout and the public's relative lack of political awareness seemingly bears out Downs's dismal analysis, enough Americans demand political information such that the market provides outlets for "hard news". In Hamilton's formulation, "hard news" contains high levels of public affairs information while "soft news" contains very little or none.
This sets up the main thrust of the book: how we can use economics to model media content and predict market failures, i.e. those types of news coverage likely to be underproduced, and what are the ultimate costs of these failures. This assumes, of course, that one can place a standard of value on outcomes of news coverage and consumption. This element of subjectivity "means that economics yields partial, not final, answers in questions about news coverage." But, "If one is willing to make assumptions about media effects and stipulate particular ends for media policy,... then economics can provide more help in the design of policies chosen to achieve a given set of outcomes." In so many words, Hamilton seems to be using economics to find ways to increase both the production and consumption of unbiased hard news. After exhaustive analyses of news demographics and content, their effects on voting outcomes, and of how market forces, along with deregulation and centralization, have slowly turned hard news into empty partisan posturing and entertainment fluff, Hamilton offers some solutions, including lower the cost of access to information, change the conditions under which broadcasters receive broadcasting licenses, subsidize information markets, devote public resources towards providing information, create norms that reward hard news reporting, and stimulate demand for information through education and advertising.
"All the News That's Fit to Sell" offers the hopeful message that greater access to unbiased information will lead to better political outcomes. With the increasing political participation of religious dogmatists and other rigid ideologues who have already found their versions of the truth, the need for greater public participation and interest in public policy has never been greater, and Hamilton's book provides a framework for understanding and realizing that goal.

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That market forces drive the news is not news. Whether a story appears in print, on television, or on the Internet depends on who is interested, its value to advertisers, the costs of assembling the details, and competitors' products. But in All the News That's Fit to Sell, economist James Hamilton shows just how this happens. Furthermore, many complaints about journalism--media bias, soft news, and pundits as celebrities--arise from the impact of this economic logic on news judgments.

This is the first book to develop an economic theory of news, analyze evidence across a wide range of media markets on how incentives affect news content, and offer policy conclusions. Media bias, for instance, was long a staple of the news. Hamilton's analysis of newspapers from 1870 to 1900 reveals how nonpartisan reporting became the norm. A hundred years later, some partisan elements reemerged as, for example, evening news broadcasts tried to retain young female viewers with stories aimed at their (Democratic) political interests. Examination of story selection on the network evening news programs from 1969 to 1998 shows how cable competition, deregulation, and ownership changes encouraged a shift from hard news about politics toward more soft news about entertainers.

Hamilton concludes by calling for lower costs of access to government information, a greater role for nonprofits in funding journalism, the development of norms that stress hard news reporting, and the defining of digital and Internet property rights to encourage the flow of news. Ultimately, this book shows that by more fully understanding the economics behind the news, we will be better positioned to ensure that the news serves the public good.

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If you have been in the channel space for a while, you know that the resources dedicated to channel excellence are few and far between compared to the mass of volumes dedicated to the direct sales process.Well, thanks to Stefan Utzinger's new book, Channel Revolution, we now have a solid reference on how to build, nuture, and maintain effective channels and channel teams.
The book is subtitled, "A pragmatic guide to building and maintaining a profitable channel," and it is truly that, as it offers not only the theory of leveraging indirect channels, but is a step-by-step guide on how to build and manage your channel team and programs. It is an easy read chock full of examples and charts that will spark your imagination as your read it. You'll find yourself jotting down action items to immediately apply to your channel programs.
Some of the information he presents is clearly eye-opening and will change the way that companies configure their channel programs and teams. For me, the most enlightening data was his analysis of a Gartner Dataquest research study that revealed what channel partners most value in their partnerships with manufacturers. While many manufacturers' channel teams perceive that their brand, market share, and MDF funds are lacking as reasons for their mediocre performance, these factors rate low on the scale at 14, 19, and last out of 31 variables mentioned. The top three factors were the quality of the relationship manager, the ability for the product to produce revenue, and the executive level support on both sides.
I've seen companies time and time again focus so many resources on developing their channel strategies and then fail to invest in the quality of their channel teams to execute. Yet, success in the eyes of the channel partners is directly related to who their contact is at the manufacturer. They are looking for a single point of contact that will build and execute plans, work to close specific deals with the partner, and create marketing activities that will generate solid leads.
If you are an Independent Software Vendor, you will be especially pleased to see information about compensating partners in SAAS models, e-Commerce, and software maintenance maximization. Many partners and manufacturers are concerned about how their relationships will change with these new distribution methods, but he explains how to make these models can enhance a relationship by removing many of the costs of doing business.
Utzinger's channel experience is broad and deep and he generously shares the simple tools that his company, NovaStor, uses to execute on their channel strategy. One document that stands out is the Partner Account Plan, which provides the framework for keeping both the manufacturer and the channel partner on the same page. Unlike cumbersome "Business Plans" that take weeks to produce and are quickly obsolete, this document is an "Action Plan" that is easy to create and update. It includes:
Company Facts
Executive Summary
Partner Focus
Overview of signed contracts up to date
Partner's organizational structure with role definitions and relationships
Partner's core competencies
Key facts & objectives of the partnership
Partnership Background
Key Milestones
SWOT Analysis
Partner Action Plan
Critical Success Factors
This and other helpful tools are available at:
I highly recommend this book to the executives and managers of all companies who want to do more business through multiple channels. If you are building a channel from the ground up, it will give you a step by step guide, and if you are tweaking your channel, it will give you the tools to take your program to the next level. I only hope that my competitors don't read it too!

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Channel Revolution is a pragmatic guide to successfully building an indirect IT sales channel. Stefan Utzinger explains why in times of the cloud, SaaS and increasing globalization, taking a revolutionary approach is the way to go. The book gives detailed advice on the following topics: - Selecting and attracting the right channel partners - When to use project versus product oriented resellers - Managing the pipeline - Delivering larger projects with your partners - Effectively generating and managing leads - The right discount strategy - And much more

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The eBay Marketing Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Reach More Customers and Maximize Your Profits Review

The eBay Marketing Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Reach More Customers and Maximize Your Profits
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Unlike some other eBay authors you can tell these guys have experience selling online especially on eBay. They have written this book in a way that beginners and advanced sellers may benefit. Although we have been selling for years online we found many useful marketing points that we were previously unaware of. There is also a section that is helpful for marketers/sellers on other platforms i.e. Amazon, Overstock. etc. Social networking information is also covered in detail which is a hot topic right now. dallastexasmedia

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Selling on eBay has never been hotter. There are now almost 900,000 people using eBay as a part-time or full-time source of income. And while there is big money to be made selling merchandise on the site, it is also becoming more and more challenging for sellers to stand out from the crowd. Written by two e-Bay experts, "Marketing Your E-Bay Business" offers advice to eBay sellers on building a successful marketing plan by identifying their customers, determining what items will sell best for them on eBay, and using 'fear' and 'passion' marketing to reach those customers and induce them to buy. Cliff Ennico and Cindy Shebley will help readers market their eBay products and attract and keep customers.

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Should I Quit Real Estate: Dealing With The Frustrations Of Being A Real Estate Agent Review

Should I Quit Real Estate: Dealing With The Frustrations Of Being A Real Estate Agent
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It is an excellent book,it covers a lot that is already on DVD, but really inexpensive option to DVD, second part about internet presence was great too,very helpful

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In Good Times or Bad Times--Real EstateAgents question their chosen career path.The hard reality of real estate is that only 30% of agents ever achieve sucess.In just 90 days this book will give you your answer."Should I Quit Real Estate?" is a step by step guide to sucess for new agents and a 'Get back to basics' manual for those experienced agents who have fallen off track.Really two books in one, Sales Training combined with cutting edge Technology Secrets to give you leverage over your competition.

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Press Release Power: How To Write A Press Release For Online Distribution (Volume 1) Review

Press Release Power: How To Write A Press Release For Online Distribution (Volume 1)
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Writing and publishing press releases have always been mysterious and daunting in many ways...
Yet, they're effective when done right and your subsequent releases can be very profitable with the
right education and implementation...
And this book takes care of that for you...
The differences between general media and online are substantial...Paul clarifies this difference...
Knowing how to promote websites is never really explained in SEO books re: press with
this book, you've got the info to really gain an upper hand!
Paul guides you step-by-step on how to organize, write and publish your release!
You're guided thru structure, advanced stategies, SEO structured releases, going viral, after the written
version is published, optimization SEO, and off-page optimization! And more and more...
If you've never written press releases before, this is a MUST!
You'll receive resources on both paid and FREE online for publishing your release...
Press releases are the way to go when marketing your business and/or service...
Paul explains everything...from prep to distribution...
Up to date, written in an easy and comfortable way...

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Everyone has heard of press releases.However not many people consider them for online exposure, traffic and for improving your search ranking - maybe because the costs are too prohibitive or because they don't have ‘worthy' news?
Press Release Power - How To Write A Press Release For Online Distribution has been written with the smaller business in mind and focused around writing a release that not only gets media attention, but also helps your business get ranked in the search engines.
Its written in a short (56 pages) and factual handbook size instead of a lengthy tome, so readers can gain a quick and deep understanding of what really works with online press releases.
About the Author:Paul Clifford works for, is an internet marketing expert, coach and author.Working in the Internet industry since 1995, much of his expertise has been gained in getting companies to the top of the search engines and Press Release Power is his latest book for small businesses.

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31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles Review

31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles
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Unlike all of the other suspect reviews, here is a REAL one by someone who actually bought and read the book. Covers basic known marketing methods (no new "miracles"). Author is fond of in-your-face landing pages and sales sites and email autoresponder "newsletters". Plugs for her website and mentoring services (a whole chapter). I've read many marketing books so nothing new here, in fact they all mention the same techniques. If you are starting out book is an ok intro. In my opinion the book is overpriced compared to the marketing books I currently own.

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31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles is a breakthrough blueprint of the proven steps to creating your internet marketing business. It shows you what to do, when to do it, in the order it needs to be done so you build an internet marketing empire that is stable, predictable, and expandable. This is a proven step-by-step guide to Direct Internet Profits so you can profit from your passions and create a life you have always dreamed of. This is not the theory of making money, these are the practical steps you will apply.

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The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big In Business Review

The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big In Business
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We're not designed to think unemotionally nor about abstract statistics. But Ma's book shows us that if we do learn to do so, we can achieve something we are designed to pursue--success. This book outlines and explores just how to do that. It's a great read for various demographics: the not-so-business savvy who wants to become so; the "layperson" looking to find ways for making better life-decisions; or the expert businessperson looking to uncover an edge in bringing down their own sort of house.
Ma describes things for the reader that will get you up to speed on both your gambling--i.e. the nuances of 21--and your business-speak--i.e. I finally learned what an option is and then how it relates to volatility and the Mexican economic crisis' affect on the U.S. dollar--without turning the expert off in either arena. Not an easy task as a writer and is done exceptionally well here.
The book is of the same genre as Lewis' Moneyball (a book Ma cites as life-changing in the Acknowledgments). Ideal for the neophyte interested in economics, finance, etc., combining the highfalutin world of casino gambling with modern day finance. In a sense, Ma urges us to put our faith in something that we believe in--which is rooted in clear thinking and statistics--and forge ahead, regardless of the valleys that may occur in the arena of "ups and downs."
Ma uses well-told personal anecdotes to explain cognitive errors common in academic psychology such as the gambler's fallacy and confirmation bias. Clearly not a man of superstition, frowning up on the "same-roller" phenomenon in craps and the concept of `statistical atheist', making sure the reader knows he's not involved in magic or some form of voodoo. Instead, he employs a more stoic approach that follows the logic--follows the math--and never gives up.
This book isn't just fun, it isn't just interesting (though it is both of those) but it's also something that will help the reader make better decisions both inside the business world and out.

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The Brief Thomson Handbook Review

The Brief Thomson Handbook
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I ordered the book at the last minute and had it a full week before class started!

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