Me Paradox: Gain the Social Business Edge Review

Me Paradox: Gain the Social Business Edge
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Me Paradox is the right blend of advice and theory. It is an inspirational book for those seeking to get ahead in business. At times, the book is light and quick, with practical advice for excelling. It includes charts and practice examples to help guide you towards achieving your goals. But Me Paradox is also a philosophical work that contemplates the future of the business world as influenced by social media and the way it has been perceived and embraced. While the book is light and quick at times, it doesn't fail to delve into complicated ideas. And when it does delve, it does so in a clear and concise way.
The title Me Paradox refers to author Chae J. Pak's innovative idea for approaching social business. It is an idea that is hard to explain, but not as hard to understand once you read the book, and it has to do with putting others before yourself so that you, yourself, see gains. Pak has written from a wealth of experience and a wide breadth of research. His ideas are insightful, useful, and valuable to a world that is becoming as much about online communication as about in-person communication.

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By helping readers manage their online reputations, Me Paradox: Gain the Social Business Edge illustrates over 50 key activities that help them earn more money, more autonomy, more respect, more knowledge, more opportunities, and all things that differentiate their careers. Published by New World Press, Me Paradox uses a new concept - the Paradox of Me - to help readers realize that 'one single action has infinite ramifications." As a paradox, the concept of the Me Paradox avoids strict definition. Instead, it is an underlying theme in the book that helps guide readers to their ultimate ends: more fulfilling successes.Roughly, the paradox is about seeing ourselves as a composite of how others are connected to us. If this sounds a little too complicated, that's OK; Me Paradox helps readers gain the social business edge by taking complex and abstract ideas, and putting them into easy-to-read, workable notions. As an example, the Online Reputation Lifecycle breaks down aspects of online social interaction into its parts: engagement, presence, and networks. The book also provides real-life examples, best practices reviews, and personal assessment exercises to give readers hands-on references about themselves and their online practices.Me Paradox is the first definitive book on social business using online reputation management and the catalyst that activates regard.The book is unique in that it isn't as concerned about presenting absolute truths as it is about exploring causes and effects. An example of this is how the book details how information isn't always enough; information can become knowledge, which can then become wisdom, both of which are even more valuable than information alone. The book is real and useful, and it gives the power of action over to the reader - you don't have to live by the book, but if you take its suggestions to heart, you may reap big benefits.Me Paradox is brave enough to tackle abstract ideas, like the Economy of Regard, gift giving and social capital. And it covers these ideas clearly, alongside practical, inspirational advice for managing yourself in the online social territory ' all in the name of your success.

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