Son of Web Pages That Suck: Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design Review

Son of Web Pages That Suck: Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design
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Ok all I can say is wow. This man uses insults (accurately) to get the job done. I found myself wanting to redo things on my site and other sites I design just so he wouldn't find it and use it as a bad example. Good God. He is RIGHT ON on a lot of that stuff.

I disagreed him with him when it came to Flash. He thinks Flash is unnecessary, which it is in certain circumstances... but... he failed to mention adult sites which really use the art of visualization for the ultimate sale, which is what he discusses - that websites should be about bringing in money. Other than that and his not-so-secret hate for splash pages (although again, he failed to mention that some sites actually REQUIRE them by law)... I agreed with him on everything else in the book.

He gets into the Do's and Don'ts and really blasts the sites that use tacky animated Gifs on clashing backgrounds, unclean and unfocused sites, sites that don't use alt tags on images, and it really covers a whole lot of things that are just plain wrong. Way wrong.

He even got into a subject about never including text that says 'Click Here' and at first I scratched by head and thought - but why not?? And he showed some examples of it done right, and examples of how bad and tacky it can look when it is used wrong. I immediately got inspired and got rid of all of my 'Click here' text and sure enough, the results looked much more professional.

I have at least 20 high-maintenance business sites I constantly work on, and that being said - I am constantly feeling pretty positive about the work that I do. He doesn't care how good you think you are. He will be brutal. And it's about time someone steps forward to say it.
'A webmasters job is never complete' is an accurate statement.

He doesn't just give negative criticism... he offers good advice and solutions that are doable and just require effort and a sense of direction.

The bottom line: If you get aggravated with what he says, you can close the book and reopen it when you're ready for brutal honesty.

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Inspired by the award-winning Web site "Web Pages That Suck", this text takes a humorous approach to teaching Web design techniques by critiquing bad sites and then applying common sense and practical, hands-on guidance to create site make-overs. This updated second edition features design problems (misuse of Flash content) and old standbys (poor navigation). The CD contains a database of daily newspapers and other places for readers to promote their sites, plus "Software that Doesn't Suck" for Windows and Macintosh users - shareware, graphics programs, and other tools that have earned the author's seal of approval.

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