Creative Self-Publishing in the World Marketplace Review

Creative Self-Publishing in the World Marketplace
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"The book is very thorough, and covers every aspect of self-publishing, from the reasons for self-publishing to online resources, software to use, the development of your book, putting together a promotional list, setting up communications systems, book production, websites, promotion and legalities. As Creative Self-Publishing in the World Marketplaceis also self-published, it serves as an example of a finished product, whose format can be copied. Chamberlain doesn't hold back on any area either. He includes his own personal systems, cost estimates, and a range of tips and hints. This is not a book you can easily skim, however. The type is small, and there is little white space and no sidebars to break up the text. Chamberlain rarely repeats himself, and there are no lighthearted quips and few anecdotes. None of these are major criticisms, but it does make for a fairly heavy read. On the upside, the book is structured well, set up into months, so readers who have decided to use it as their bible to self-publishing (and if you are self-publishing you will certainly need some kind of guide) can pace themselves according to Chamberlain's chapters, keeping up a solid 3 year schedule from the purchasing the right software through writing the first draft of a book to the ongoing promotional plan."--Extracted from review by Magdalena Ball

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by Marshall Chamberlain, author of the Ancestor Series of Sci-Tech-Mystery-Thrillers. "An indispensable companion to the Self-Publishing Manual."-Dan Poynter. This book explains the tools and options for effectively designing, manufacturing, distributing, and promoting any book. It reveals important resources to keep informed and find vital information; teaches how to easily create a supportive, author/self-publishing website; delineates methods for designing and implementing dynamic promotion plans; and outlines the knowledge, skills, and creative thinking necessary to take control of key publishing functions, eliminate financial risks, conserve resources, and set parameters for a purposeful writing lifestyle.

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