YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business Review

YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business
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I loved this book. It is well outlined and well written. And it is very topical in today's business marketing world where small businesses can use YouTube to enhance their online marketing efforts significantly. The book has 16 chapters divided into the following five parts:
I. Marketing your business online with YouTube (1-3)
II. Producing Your YouTube Videos (4-8)
III. Managing Your YouTube Videos (9-11)
IV. Working with YouTube Video Blogs (12-13)
V. Promotion and Monetization (14-16)
And each Part is concluded with a "Profile" which applied what had been discussed in the chapters preceding it. I found these profiles very helpful and informative. Not too long ago I read and reviewed "Show Me: Marketing with Video on the Internet" (ISBN: 1884230016). I had high hopes for that book and wanted it to be like the instant book being reviewed. Unfortunately it fell short of my expectations. However, after reading "YouTube for Business" this other book might be a good companion read?
Internet marketing today seems to be about putting together successful ways to generate traffic to your company or nonprofit Web site. You can do this by performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. You can do this by creating lots of content pages in your Web site. You can do this by writing articles and posting them on free article-posting sites online. Each article will have a by-line directing traffic back to your site. You can generate traffic by creating one (or more than one) blog which will direct traffic back to your site. And after reading this book you can generate traffic by creating simple videos you post on YouTube that will direct viewers back to your Web site.
The really neat thing about YouTube traffic generation is that it not only generates traffic, but it allows you to get your face and voice in front of people as though you were standing there talking with them. You can become three-dimensional rather than just two.
My favorite part of the book was Part II where the author goes into some depth into how to produce videos for posting on YouTube. And it is these same videos you will want to paste into your main Web site and your blog posts. I highly recommend this book for just about any small business owner who wants to make a name for themselves better and quicker. 5 stars!
PS. Take a look at the Search Inside material offered by Amazon so you can examine the Table of Contents of this book and more fully understand what this book has to offer.

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To any businessperson or marketing professional, YouTube's 20 million viewers are a tempting target. How can you tap into the potential of YouTube to promote your business and sell your products or services?The answers in YouTube for Business show you how to make YouTube part of your online marketing plan–and drive traffic to your company's website. In this book you'll learn how to:• Develop a YouTube marketing strategy• Decide what types of videos to produce• Shoot great-looking YouTube videos–on a budget• Edit and enhance your videos• Create a presence on the YouTube site• Manage a video blog• Generate revenues from your YouTube videos• Produce more effective YouTube videosIncludes profiles ofsuccessful businesses• Blendtec• Charles Smith Pottery• Annette Lawrence, ReMax ACR Elite Group, Inc.• Stone Brewing Company• D-LinkAuthor Michael Miller has written more than 80 how-to books over the past two decades, with more than one million copies in print. His best-selling books include YouTube 4 You, Tricks of the eBay Business Masters, Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computer Basics, and Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Resource.Front cover quote:"Never thought you could use YouTube for your business? Well, think again! This book gives you a complete overview of why, how, and the technology to get you started."– Rhonda Abrams, USAToday small business columnist and author of Successful Marketing: Secrets & Strategie

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Securing IM and P2P Applications for the Enterprise Review

Securing IM and P2P Applications for the Enterprise
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There are two schools of thought on allowing the use of public instant messaging (IM) and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications in the business enterprise. One, that I subscribe to, is that you just do not do it. There are too many risks that make it problematic, even if you feel they can be managed. Another school of thought says "sure, we can manage the risks associated with that". So enter into the discussion Paul Piccard's "Securing IM and P2P Applications for the Enterprise" (Syngress Press, 2005, 454 pages, ISBN 1597490172). While not being as complete as I would like it to be, it provides enough foundation information to suit the needs of either point of view.
The book is broken down into 16 chapters, with each chapter focusing on a specific piece of software or technology. Part I focuses in instant messaging. The first chapter gives an overview of the instant messaging "market", the players, and the risks of instant messaging. There is nothing ground breaking here that is not covered in more depth and detail elsewhere, but it fives an effective overview. The remaining 6 chapters focus on the different instant messaging services/clients. An overview is provided on the architecture and protocols associated with the client. Also addressed is features, client information, security information and malicious code threats. Unfortunately, no where in the text does the author address user awareness and education, which are critical.
Part II of the book covers P2P Networks. These 5 chapters cover the major P2P clients, their history, how they work, and the threats to the enterprise. They do a much better job than they did in Part I, but again do not address user awareness and education. Part III covers Internet-Relay Chat (IRC), its history, how it works and security issues. In a way, I wish the author had just said up front to never allow IRC to be used in the enterprise. There are just too many risks beyond security associated with IRC.
Who Should Read This Book
This book should be read by anybody who wants to get a deeper technical understanding of IM and P2P applications. Because the author may have focused too much on technology, with not enough focus on policy development, user education, and awareness. It is for this reason that anybody who purchases this book should also buy Nancy Flynn's "Instant Messaging Rules" as a companion read.
The Scorecard
Par on an average Par 4.

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This book is for system administrators and security professionals who need to bring now ubiquitous IM and P2P applications under their control. Many businesses are now taking advantage of the speed and efficiency offered by both IM and P2P applications, yet are completely ill-equipped to deal with the management and security ramifications. These companies are now finding out the hard way that these applications which have infiltrated their networks are now the prime targets for malicious network traffic. This book will provide specific information for IT professionals to protect themselves from these vulnerabilities at both the network and application layers by identifying and blocking this malicious traffic.* A recent study by the Yankee group ranked "managing and securing IM and P2P applications" as the #3 priority for IT managers in 2004* The recently updated SANS/FBI top 10 list of vulnerabilities for computers running Microsoft Windows contained both P2P and IM applications for the first time* The recently released Symantec Threat Assessment report for the first half of 2004 showed that 19 of the top 50 virus threats targeted IM or P2P applications. Despite the prevalence of IM and P2P applications on corporate networks and the risks they pose, there are no other books covering these topics

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Art Therapy (Creative Therapies in Practice series) Review

Art Therapy (Creative Therapies in Practice series)
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This book promises an overview and keeps that promise. However, I found that the author could have left a lot of commonplaces and irrelevant knowledge unwritten. Was it really necessary to mention Freud? I was repeatedly wondering if there was anything to be learned from that book at all, other than how to give no new information at all in many words. For example under "practical matters" the reader learns, that working conditions are not always ideal.
I was hoping for some ideas and inspiration I could use in my own work, but, sadly, I did not find that in David Edwards' book.

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"This is accessible, well-written and easy to breeze through, it is an enjoyable read and one that I would recommend as an introduction to the subject of art therapy" - International Arts Therapies Journal"Vivid clinical vignettes and remarkable illustrations combine to give a lively sense of art therapy in action. They bring the reader right into the art therapy studio. David Edwards locates the practice of art therapy firmly in its historical and cultural context, explaining its roots in art and links to psychoanalysis, in this always engaging account. The detailed bibliography and resources section offers a foundation for further exploration as well as information about training. An excellent introduction to the topic, this book will be invaluable for beginners, students and experienced practitioners alike" - Professor Joy Schaverien, Jungian Analyst, East Midlands and Visiting Professor in Art Psychotherapy, University of Sheffield

"I believe that David Edwards book is an excellent introduction for all of those wishing to increase their knowledge concerning the profession of art therapy. Readers will particularly appreciate David's ability to clearly convey complex material which includes psychotherapeutic concepts, illustrated case histories, and historical to the present day developments within the profession. A readable and accessible overview which will contribute to a greater understanding of the profession of art therapy and the therapeutic use of art undertaken by registered art therapists" - Carole Pembrooke, Chair of the British Association of Art Therapists.

Art Therapy provides a concise introduction to theory and practice, brought to life through case material and examples of artwork produced during therapy sessions. Written by practicing art therapist Dave Edwards, the book explains key theoretical ideas - such as symbolism, play, transference and interpretation - and shows how these relate to practice.

The book also provides useful information on training and employment as well as guidance on practical issues such as:

} assessing clients

} establishing and maintaining boundaries, and

} ending therapy.

An extended case study provides an overview of the whole process from beginning to end, tying together issues discussed in earlier chapters.

For anyone training or planning to train as an art therapist, Art Therapy offers an excellent foundation on which to build future knowledge and skills.

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How Will I Know Where I'm Going, If I Don't Know Where I've Been?: A Genealogical Journey Review

How Will I Know Where I'm Going, If I Don't Know Where I've Been: A Genealogical Journey
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I was so very impressed with Elizabeth Ruderman Miller's "Geneological Journey". I read the entire book in one evening and could not put it down! Her family's journey through Poland and Russia, to their immigration to the United States in the early 1900's was riveting. Being a researcher myself, I was very impressed with her determination to search her Jewish ancestry as she had very little knowledge beyond her immediate family. The fact that Ms. Miller includes many on line resources both here and abroad gave me a renewed interest in returning to many unsolved mysteries in my own unending search. Her Book: [[ASIN:1449051030 How Will I Know Where I'm Going, If I Don't Know Where I've Been?: A Genealogical Journey] is definitely a must to read and re-read irregardless of your country of origin or religion. How WILL we know where we are GOING? And isn't it wonderful to know where others have descended from as well? I know you will be well rewarded and will learn much from the author's journey and insight. Betsy DelSanto

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It is my desire to share my genealogical accomplishments with anyone who feels the deep passion which comes from asking the questions, "who are my ancestors and where is my extended family?" I hope to lead readers down my path of exploration, where I found family members who were 'always out there, but never known to me'. My wish is that my discoveries, methods, stories and historical accounts will INSPIRE anyone who wishes to begin the wondrous adventure of bringing his Family Tree and its 'roots' to life.

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The People's Guide to Mexico Review

The People's Guide to Mexico
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The People's Guide to Mexico continues to be THE guidebook for learning about Mexico, its people, culture and places, from an insightful author(s) who have been traveling and living in Mexico for over 30 years. A Caveat: if you are looking for a humorless, factual guide to four and five star resorts, and only like to travel first class or stay at global chain hotels, THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR YOU. If you enjoy irreverence, humor, colorful stories, personal experience and gaining real insight- rare in the tourist guidebook genre- about the very different, yet welcoming, culture next door, then this IS your book. (I was raised in Mexico and live in the USA, exactly opposite of Carl, Lorena et al- but I love these guys, and used to carry a battered old edition- wish I still had it!- in my VW bus when I traveled throughout Mexico and Central America in it after military service and Vietnam. I re-read it many a time, and it was my #1 book... ¡Muchas gracias! Carl y amigos...)

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This cult classic is a trip to Mexico in and of itself, complete with the flavour of the country, and its sights, sounds, and people. In addition to the basic information necessary, Carl Franz and Lorena Havens have packed the book with amusing stories and friendly guidance. Hundreds of thousands of people who have read The People's Guide to Mexico over the past 30 years say they wouldn't travel without it. And there are lots of people who read it for sheer pleasure--with no intention of travelling at all!

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jQuery Plugin Development Beginner's Guide Review

jQuery Plugin Development Beginner's Guide
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I'm already an experienced Javascript and jQuery Plugin developer, but I learned how to author plugins by first reading a general jQuery book (which didn't cover writing plugins at all) and then by doing. I decided it was time to take a look at a book dedicated to plugin development and discover if I was overlooking anything.
Being a beginner book, I expected a fair amount of hand-holding and was prepared to skim through, but I ended up actually reading the first chapters in full because they were skimming for me. I felt the topics actually weren't fleshed out well enough to answer the questions a beginner would have. The aim didn't seem to bring beginner's up to speed, but to introduce only. I'd call this book more of a "beginner's introduction".
I didn't care for the "Have a go hero" sections. It not only sounds stupid in your head when you read that header, but I would have expected the book to demonstrate those tasks and not leave the reader (the beginner) on their own. "I've now shown you that a plane takes off by pulling back on the stick ... now go learn to point it in the right direction, avoid bad weather and land ... hero".
Adding to my disappointed was that the style of writing, IMO, was overly convoluted and a bit awkward at times.

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AjQuery plugin is simply a way to put your code into a package,whichmakes it easier to maintain your code and use across different projects. While basic scripting is relatively straightforward,writing pluginscan leave people scratching their heads.This book takes you beyond the basics of jQuery and enables you to take full advantage of jQuery's powerfulplugin architecture to deliver highly interactive content to yourwebsite users.The book contains all the information you need to successfullyauthor your very own jQuery plugin with a particular focus on thepractical aspect of design and development.It will also cover some details of real life plugins andexplain their functioning to gain a better understanding of the overallconcept of plugin development and jQuery plugin architecture.Different topics regarding plugin development are discussed,and youwill learn how to develop many types of add-ons,ranging from mediaplugins (such as slideshows,video and audio controls, and so on) tovarious utilities (image pre-loading,handling cookies) and use andapplications of jQuery effects and animations (sliding, fading,combined animations) to eventually demonstrate how all of these plugins can bemerged and give birth to a new, more complex,and multi purpose scriptthat comes in handy in a lot of situations.What you will learn from this book
Create numerous types of commonly used jQuery plugins
Design a standard development pattern to apply to all your plugins to speed up the process
Build plugins that enhance viewer's multimedia experience on your website
Learn how to build attractive animation plugins that show effects like fading and sliding
Discover how jQuery handles third party plugins and how some portions of code can(not) be accessed
Implement time saving design patterns and best practices to optimize your plugins
Learn the ins and outs of some of the most popular plugins and how they actually work to do what they do
Learn via an in-depth practical approach,providing you with asimple, yet effective,structure to minimize efforts and obtain betterresults quickly
This book takes a beginner's guide approach,giving you step-by-stepinstructions for creating a number of different jQuery plugins coveringmost of the common issues one may encounter. It's a practical guide,which will show you how to designand build the most commonly used jQuery plugins.

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Back Surgery: Is It Right For You? Review

Back Surgery: Is It Right For You
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I liked both the information presented and the ease in which you can review only what you want without re-reading the entire book.

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Yes, you need back surgery. No, back surgery will not help your condition.With all the inaccurate and misleading information out there, it's no wonder that doctors themselves have conflicting views on how to treat a given back problem. However, it is the decision you make regarding back surgery that counts. The problem has always been finding the information necessary to make a wise choice--or it was, until now. Dr. Edwin Haronian has put together a guide that looks at the conditions and the procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical, and answers the most common questions people have about treating back problems.The book is divided into three parts. Part One begins by examining the anatomy of your back. It then discusses the common types of back conditions that result in pain, along with each disorder's telltale signs. From there it looks at the latest and most effective treatments available, from acupuncture to medications to surgeries. Should you select surgery, Part Two offers important pre-op and post-op suggestions to make you an informed patient.And once you return home, Part Three provides a proven program to prevent back problems in the future. No back surgery is minor. A lot of questions need to be asked, answered, and understood before you can make a smart decision about your treatment. With this book in hand, you will have the facts you need to make the choice that is best for you .

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The Business You Can Start: Spotting The Greatest Opportunities In The Economic Downturn Review

The Business You Can Start: Spotting The Greatest Opportunities In The Economic Downturn
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The Business You Can Start" provides an excellent guide in how to spot ideas, investigate their veracity and turn them into viable businesses even in the current uncertain economic climate. This insightful book builds a compelling argument for why an economic downturn is a good time to start a business in spite of the seemingly unfavourable economic conditions. The author further explains in layman terms thirty different ways of how anyone can discover potential business ideas, the various business models and legal types which exist (and which one might suit whichever type of business you choose) and then discusses other important strategies of starting an enterprise such as pricing, selling, branding, marketing, advertising and the qualities required for successful business people. The section on creating a successful business plan was comprehensive and also very informative (it has a simple but practical guide outlining various parts required for the plan).
On the whole, I found the book to give useful information and simple but strategic guidelines about how to identify opportunities, start and grow an enterprise and the most important things to consider in any ones quest to building a successful business. The book has been excellent in helping me to consider various ways of generating an additional income that I hadn't initially considered (e.g. writing e-Articles for money and how to even explore a gap in local / community services which your business could bridge). I think that the book is a timely, instructive and insightful read and at just over 100 pages, it is concise and acts as a great reference to dip in and out of for information when required.

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'The Business You Can Start - Spotting The Greatest Opportunities In The Economic Downturn", challenges, inspires and equips you to take a second look at the economy, anywhere in the world, and see the Rare Business Opportunities staring right in your face, that you can take full advantage of. This book provides a comprehensive, well-rounded, practical, logical approach to starting a business in spite of the economic recession.In the midst of the global economic crisis, some interesting stories are being written and rewritten. Ironically whilst corporations and governments face great uncertainties and are cutting back, there are almost daily announcements of new business start ups, corporate expansions and profits being made all around us, not to mention the growth in certain economies. The question is, could these challenges be a source of blessing in disguise? This is what I believe, and exactly what the book is all about. Challenges have a way of spurring people into action. Interestingly every question in life needs answers, every problem needs solving and every challenge needs someone to face it head on and overcome it, and fortunately none of these will stop as long as life exists.In any case, each individual, to a large extent, has a responsibility to at least survive. The times may have inspired you to consider a career change or start of your own business. You might be looking for extra income, facing the threat of losing your job or have already lost your job. Conversely you may not have thought of any of the reasons stated here. Regardless of the category you fall into this is a book you must own!The facts and opportunities identified by this book will help you uncover the rare secrets that have transformed the lives of many and affirm the fact that times of economic difficulty are opportune times for those willing to apply the principles to succeed.These people seized the opportunities and started great businesses many of which have become household names today. Very importantly this book also shows the reader Thirty Smart Ways of how to Identify Business Opportunities right where you are and further afield, anywhere on the planet. It further explains with clearly defined steps how to develop your ideas, dreams and skills into viable business ventures. 'The Business You Can Start" has Proven Winning Strategies and Principles that when applied can greatly help you to start a business, distinguish yourself from the competition and cause your enterprise to grow profitably and successfully. This informative book also contains a Comprehensive and Professional Practical Business Plan Guide. It is structured and designed simply for the users' greatest flexibility. It can be adapted and used as a guide in writing a plan fit for any purpose and to meet the needs of any end user.'The Business You Can Start" is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to make a difference in his or her life and succeed in their generation. Challenges, as well as opportunities are always going to be with us. How you respond to them will determine the scope of your influence. The marketplace richly rewards entrepreneurs for the problems they solve.

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The Baby Boomer's Guide to the New Workplace Review

The Baby Boomer's Guide to the New Workplace
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A recent survey shows 7 out of 10 workers 45 years or older plan to working during their retirement years, assuring that by 2010, over half American workers will be older than 55. This will radically change the workplace: and THE NEW WORKPLACE charts these predicted changes, from how to work past retirement years to understanding the many work options baby boomers will enjoy.
Diane C. Donovan
California Bookwatch

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Job guru Richard Fein, author of numerous interview books and articles, now offers his expertise to the over-55 set. According to a survey by the AARP, seven out of ten workers that are 45 and older plan to work during the retirement years. People are living longer than ever, and many are finding that retiring in their 50s or 60s leaves them feeling restless and may even leave them without enough money to maintain their accustomed lifestyle. For a variety of reasons, more and more people are finding themselves in the workplace at an advanced age and facing a new set of circumstances. The Baby Boomer's Guide to the New Workplace is an upbeat, yet realistic, book for people who plan to work during their senior years. It is a book about the reasons people work, the choices they make, what they enjoy, what they don't, and the techniques everyone needs to know to land the right job. Visit the author's Web site at

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Cloud Computing: Web-Based Applications That Change the Way You Work and Collaborate Online Review

Cloud Computing: Web-Based Applications That Change the Way You Work and Collaborate Online
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I bought this book mostly to serve as a reference and to help me avoid trolling the Internet in search of these resources. The writing is casual and "fluffy." The content is sparse and fragmented. It does little more than state the obvious for the applications it reviews. Sometimes the book covers one application in detail and almost ignores its comparable competitors. Most surprisingly, it never mentions several popular, key resources. The only real convenience the book provides is the names and URLs for the many obscure vendors with Internet-based applications. This book might be worthwhile at perhaps half the price.

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Cloud Computing: Web-Based Applications That Change the Way You Work and Collaborate On-LineComputing as you know it has changed. No longer are you tied to using expensive programs stored on your computer. No longer will you be able to only access your data from one computer. No longer will you be tied to doing work only from your work computer or playing only from your personal computer.Enter cloud computing–an exciting new way to work with programs and data, collaborate with friends and family, share ideas with coworkers and friends, and most of all, be more productive! The "cloud" consists of thousands of computers and servers, all linked and accessible to you via the Internet. With cloud computing, everything you do is now web-based instead of being desktop-based; you can access all your programs and documents from any computer that's connected to the Internet. Whether you want to share photographs with your family, coordinate volunteers for a community organization, or manage a multi-faceted project in a large organization, cloud computing can help you do it more easily than ever before. Trust us. If you need to collaborate, cloud computing is the way to do it. •Learn what cloud computing is, how it works, who should use it, and why it's the wave of the future. • Explore the practical benefits of cloud computing, from saving money on expensive programs to accessing your documents ANYWHERE. • See just how easy it is to manage work and personal schedules, share documents with coworkers and friends, edit digital photos, and much more! • Learn how to use web-based applications to collaborate on reports and presentations, share online calendars and to-do lists, manage largeprojects, and edit and store digital photographs.Michael Miller is known for his casual, easy-to-read writing style and his ability to explain a wide variety of complex topics to an everyday audience. Mr. Miller has written more than 80 nonfiction books over the past two decades, with more than a million copies in print. His books for Que include Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computer Basics, Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Resource, and Is It Safe?: Protecting Your Computer, Your Business, and Yourself Online. His website is located at the most popular cloud-based applications, including the following: • Adobe Photoshop Express • Apple MobileMe • Glide OS • Google Docs • Microsoft Office Live Workspace • Zoho OfficeCATEGORY: Web ApplicationsCOVERS: Cloud ComputingUSER LEVEL: Beginner-Intermediate

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Understanding Sponsored Search: Core Elements of Keyword Advertising Review

Understanding Sponsored Search: Core Elements of Keyword Advertising
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I reviewed one chapter of Professor Jansen's book and found it to be a great introduction to Sponsored Search. It provides a deep background on search systems and keyword advertising on the web including the How's and Why's of SEM.
I highly recommend this book for beginners or students. Experts will also learn a thing or two as well.
Don Turnbull, Ph.D.

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This book addresses the underlying foundational elements, both theoretical and methodological, of sponsored search. As such, the contents are less affected by the ever-changing implementation aspects of technology. Rather than focusing on the how, this book examines what causes the how. Why do certain keywords work, while others do not? Why does that ad work well, when others that are similar do not? Why does a key phrase cost a given amount? Why do we measure what we do in keyword advertising? This book speaks to that curiosity to understand why we do what we do in sponsored search. The content flows through the major components of any sponsored search effort, regardless of the underlying technology or client or product. The book addresses keywords, ads, consumers, pricing, competitors, analytics, branding, marketing, and advertising, integrating these separate components into an incorporated whole. The focus is on the critical elements, with ample illustrations, and with enough detail to lead the interested reader to further inquiry.

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Money Smarts: Personal Financial Success in 30 Days Review

Money Smarts: Personal Financial Success in 30 Days
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Like all of Judith Briles' books, this new book is practical, down to earth, and filled with information and exercises that can help you to rapidly move forward.
I found the book to be straightforward, no-nonsense, and filled with practical wisdom on how to get a handle on your finances and then achieve your Financial Goals.
While many books are filled with fluff or information that will only help people with significant assets to invest, this ` HOW TO" book is for anyone who wants to develop greater skill - true financial competency - that can make a significant difference in both your bank account and your peace of mind.
The format is great - 30 short, easy to read chapters - one a day for 30 Days - each focusing on a specific area, and each with a simple exercise for you to do.
Anyone who is ready to take their Financial Life to the next level - whether you are just starting out, want to turn around your financial mess, or have made millions (I'm a millionaire and found many useful insights and strategies in this book) - can benefit from reading and using this book.
From how to organize your finances to how to talk about money in your family and relationships, this book offers a blueprint for greater financial success.
I highly recommend Judith Briles book, "Money Smarts".
Buy it today- and then USE IT.
This book will help you change Your Financial Life.
J. V. Crum, III
Speaker, Author, Coach
Founder, Conscious Millionaire Institute, LLC

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Money $marts delivers a practical guidebook that will equip the reader with an action plan to build a stronger financial future. It's not a theory book full of pie-in-the-sky concepts. Money $marts is a common-sense, 30-day approach to spending wisely, identifying and eliminating waste, reducing debt, building a safety net, resolving credit issues, and making sure income stretches as far and works as effectively as it can. The average working person spends over 10,000 days making money. Very few days are dedicated to dealing with it and making it grow. In just 30 days, Judith Briles shows you how to be on the road to financial independence. Money $marts is the second book in the Smart Money series, joining the award winning Smart Money Moves for Kids (Best How-To book from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association in 2001 and Parent Choice Honoree).It has won the best Financialand Business book from the Colorado Independent Publishers Assoc in2005.

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Music Management for the Rest of Us Review

Music Management for the Rest of Us
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I've been reading this book for hours and I have really learned a lot about independent music management. If you're thinking about starting a management company this is an excellent resource. My one complaint would be that there is too little time spent on the "start-up" phase. Although the first portion of the book is dedicated to this matter, the rest of the book is more a guide of what to do once you've started. As such, for a comprehensive guide to the independent music management business it is an excellent read and had that been what I was looking for I would have given it 5 stars instead of 4. Still, the book is a good read and Joe Taylor Jr. is a master at cutting to the chase...I finished it in a day, and although some may view this as a negative, you don't get the sense that he skipped over things. Some books of this sort will fill pages with cliches about how "you can make it if you really try" or discuss issues only relevant to the big players (and although Taylor does temporarily delve into the topic of endorsements, he does so in the context of a local scale). This book does neither and although I can't say it fully prepared me to start my own company, it certainly put me on the right track and I am quite glad I picked it up.

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In the music industry, the days of deals in smoke-filled back rooms are all but over. Artist development happens on the streets, not at major labels. And the old-school "professional" managers are stepping down, one by one, to cozy retirements funded by decades of commissions from successful clients. With fewer and fewer "lifers" available to take on new clients, what's an emerging artist to do? Likewise, how does an aspiring artist manager get a start without the connections and influence required of their predecessors? Music business manager and consultant Joe Taylor Jr. set out to answer these questions for a member of his staff. The result? Over 160 pages of nuts-and-bolts advice for the novice music manager, or for any musician looking to boost their success team by adding homegrown management to the mix.

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Learning Through Writing: Authentic Writing Activities for the Content Areas: Grade 4 Review

Learning Through Writing: Authentic Writing Activities for the Content Areas: Grade 4
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Teachers of writing finally have a resource for authentic, engaging writing activities that can be successfully and easily implemented in the classroom! In this day of increased demands, teachers need a resource like this to help manage the complex task of integrating subjects. At this school, the principal has recognized the value of this resource by purchasing one for each third, fourth and fifth grade teacher. It includes all the components to effectively inspire even the most reluctant writer! I highly recommend this book to teachers searching for ways to impact student learning.

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Check students content-area knowledge, writing skills, and critical thinking at the same time! Fun, authentic writing activities for language arts, math, science, social studies, and health/nutrition take students through the entire writing process, from brainstorming to publishing, while letting imaginations soar.
This series includes one grade-level book each for third, fourth, and fifth grade, offering the flexibility to pick from a variety of activities. Choose the activities from each grade that appeal most to your students, or use only the book for your grade to match your students skill levels and target grade-appropriate content-area topics and writing skills.
Each ready-to-go activity -includes lesson plans, extensions, rubrics, student worksheets, and examples
-clearly lists objectives, materials and teacher preparation needed, and what prior knowledge and skills are being targeted-is easily differentiated to meet students needs-can be used on its own, with other content-area activities, or as class time allows-connects to national content-area and writing standards -reflects grade-appropriate language and writing skills
Publishing ideas, bibliographies, student checklists, and correlations to commonly taught writing standards and craft skills make this resource complete and easy to use.
You ll never run out of authentic ways to make learning through writing fun.--This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

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.NET Web Services Solutions Review

.NET Web Services Solutions
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I am sure there is a place for every type of book, but knowing this does not make me like certain types of books any more. This book is largely a cookbook type of book although that is not the way in which it is presented.
If you need to learn technology by slowly building on different commercial services and your own examples, this book could be your ticket. If you are enough of a beginner that passing an array in and then out of a web service requires two explanations (which is then built with an example on passing a structure and then calling a service from a service), this is your kind of book.
Let's be frank. A web service is an interface to software, generally remote, that uses SOAP as its transport. This is an oversimplification, but an understanding of web services as interfaces would go much farther than a bunch of examples passing different data types or a plethora of examples of using commercial services (google, amazon, etc.).
To be fair, there is some good introductory material of what goes on behind the scenes (XML intro, etc.), but it is completely overshadowed by the author's personal mental musings. In the end, the book is more of a "how I do web services" rather than "what are web services and how do you use them."

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.NET Web Services Solutions offers just what its title states: practical solutions to the real challenges you face as you use .NET to create applications that communicate with web services and--more to the point--to build and deploy web services of your own. By the time you're done, you'll understand how the web services platform works, because chapter by chapter you get all the hands-on instruction, detailed examples, and inside advice you need to make your project succeed.For example, you'll learn to connect to a database using ADO.NET operations, carry out the exchange of binary files, and extend the reach of your web service so that it touches e-mail, fax machines, mobile devices, and remote PCs. You'll master techniques for making your web service available to other programs--but you'll also discover ways to control its availability through authentication and encryption.Kris Jamsa's expert coverage goes above and beyond, providing advanced optimization tips, including instructions for implementing asynchronous operations. He also shows you a neat trick for calling a web service from within an HTML page using JavaScript. Want an even neater trick? Check out the section on making money with your web service, where you'll find a billing model that will work for you. The final chapter brings it all together, walking you through a cohesive, highly functional example of an employment web service.

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Beginning JavaScript Second Edition Review

Beginning JavaScript Second Edition
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All of the reviews of this book from April 2004 and earlier are based on the 1st edition, not this new second edition which didn't publish until the end of April 2004. The second edition adds some new great coverage of dynamic HTML in more recent browser versions and a new chapter on JavaScript and XML. Throughout the book there are many new examples and all of the code is now updated to be sure it works with the latest browser versions.

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What is this book about?
JavaScript is the preferred programming language for Web page applications, letting you enhance your sites with interactive, dynamic, and personalized pages. This fully updated guide shows you how to take advantage of JavaScript's client-side scripting techniques for the newest versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer, even if you've never programmed before.
You begin with basic syntax and learn about data types and how to structure code for decision-making. Then you learn to use dates, strings, and other basic objects of JavaScript. Next, you see how to use JavaScript to manipulate objects provided by the browser, such as forms and windows. From there, you move into advanced topics like using cookies and dynamic HTML.
After you have a solid foundation, you explore dynamic generation of Web content using server-side scripting and back-end databases. And you practice what you learn by building a sample application as you go.
What does this book cover?
Here are some of the things you'll find in this book:
What types of data are used in JavaScript
How to identify and correct flaws in your code
Techniques for programming the browser
How to use Microsoft Script Debugger and Netscape Script Debugger
Ways to manage cross-browser issues
How JavaScript interacts with XML and HTML

Who is this book for?
This book is for anyone who wants to learn JavaScript programming. You should have some understanding of HTML and how to create static Web pages, but no prior programming experience is necessary.

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Keeping Watch: Monitoring Technology and Innovation in UN Peace Operations Review

Keeping Watch: Monitoring Technology and Innovation in UN Peace Operations
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Professor Walter Dorn is the de facto dean of the small number of scholars who study the specific topic of peacekeeping intelligence, or intelligence support to United Nations (UN) operations. Since his pioneering early studies of UN successes in the Congo in the 1960's to his more recent articles on the introduction of the Joint Military Analysis Centre (JMAC) in Haiti, he is both the closest academic observer, and the most well-written in this area.
I read this book with great interest. It is the first comprehensive look at technologies that are directly applicable to the fulfillment of UN mandates, the design and security of multinational forces, the effective management of tactical campaigns, and of course being technical, it is the first and last word on surveillance technologies vital to peacekeeping and peace enforcement across vast regions.
Pending the "Inside the Book" feature being available for this just published book, here is the table of contents from my own copy.
1 Introduction
2 The Evolution of Peacekeeping
3 Monitoring: The Constant Need
4 Survey of Technologies
5 Aerial Surveillance: Eye in the Sky
6 Traditional Peacekeeping: Cases
7 Modern Multidimensional Peacekeeping: Cases
8 Current UN Standards: Starting from Near Zero
9 Challenges and Problems
10 Recommendations
11 Conclusions
I recently attending a conference on the history and future of UN Air Power, and in both my own presentations and those of others, "Peace from Above" was a recurring theme. The importance of assuring that UN elements have the best possible human and technical surveillance technologies cannot be understated--for modest investments--including Unmanned Aerial Vehecles--the UN can save lives, money, and time--on the latter point, Colin Gray, in Modern Strategy observes that time is the one strategic variable that can neither be purchased nor replaced.
A word on pricing: as those who follow my reviews know, I will occasionally single out extraordinary books that are so grotesquely priced as to dishonor the entire publishing world. This book is perfectly priced, close to my standard of page count with one decimal. I salute the UN Press for bringing this book into the world. It should become a standard volume, not only for UN training classes, but for all war colleges as well as for commercial security training and operations.
See Also:
Peacekeeping Intelligence: Emerging Concepts for the Future

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Knowledge is power. In the hands of UN peacekeepers, it can be a power for peace. Lacking knowledge, peacekeepers often find themselves powerless in the field, unable to protect themselves and others. The United Nations owes it to the world and to its peacekeepers to utilize all available tools to make its monitoring and surveillance work more effective. Keeping Watch explains how technologies can increase the range, effectiveness, and accuracy of UN observation. Satellites, aircraft, and ground sensors enable wider coverage of many areas, over longer periods of time, while decreasing intrusiveness. These devices can transmit and record imagery for wider dissemination and further analysis, and as evidence in human rights cases and tribunals. They also allow observation at a safe distance from dangerous areas, especially in advance of UN patrols, humanitarian convoys, or robust forces. While sensor technologies have been increasing exponentially in performance while decreasing rapidly in price, however, the United Nations continues to use technologies from the 1980s.This book identifies potential problems and pitfalls with modern technologies and the challenges to incorporate them into the UN system. The few cases of technologies effectively harnessed in the field are examined, and creative recommendations are offered to overcome the institutional inertia and widespread misunderstandings about how technology can complement human initiative in the quest for peace in war-torn lands. "Walter Dorn is one of the most thoughtful and knowledgeable analysts of peacekeeping and security policy, and this book makes an important contribution to a field that needs far more public discussion." —The Hon. Bob Rae, MP for Toronto Centre and Liberal Foreign Affairs critic

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