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Healthcare Relationship Marketing
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Dr. Haimowitz has written a practical and indispensable handbook and reference for Relationship Marketing practitioners, managers, and newcomers. While the focus is on Relationship Marketing (RM) in the Healthcare industry, I estimate that more than half of the material is directly applicable to other industries such as Packaged Goods and Financial Services.
One of the strengths of Dr. Haimowitz's book is that it assumes no prior knowledge of Relationship Marketing and therefore avoids unnecessary jargon or buzzwords. Instead, he provides an excellent, plainspoken overview of Relationship Marketing concepts, strategies, tools, and techniques while also offering specific case studies that are directly applicable in today's Healthcare environment. In particular the book includes interviews with industry experts (all with over 15 years experience). These interviews offer invaluable, first hand insight into the challenges and opportunities unique to modern Healthcare Relationship Marketing. Dr. Haimowitz has also wisely decided to focus less on cataloguing specific current RM tactics, but instead on explaining the key concepts, principles, and strategies that will remain consistent even in a rapidly changing business environment.
The overall tone is practical and analytical and the chapters on Analytics, Operations, and Measurement may indeed be the strongest. However, even the formal formulas and equations are presented and explained clearly and concisely.
In summary, this book is highly recommended as an important addition to the library of any RM professional regardless of role (e.g. Strategy, Media, Operations, or Analytics). While the case studies and tactics are focused on the Healthcare industry the RM concepts, principles, tools and techniques are broadly applicable across multiple industries.

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In recent years there have been dramatic changes in the pharmaceutical promotional landscape, affecting both consumers and healthcare professionals. One consequence of these dynamics is the need for pharmaceutical companies to plan new kinds of dialogue and relationships with their stakeholders. The evolution has been from mass-channel 'push' marketing to two-way, multi-channel relationship marketing. Targeted Emails, webinars, mobile messages, and social networks are expanding in usage. This book is a practical overview and resource guide for the design and measurement of pharmaceutical relationship marketing (RM) programs. There are descriptions of each aspect of pharmaceutical RM design and measurement, including a running case study with follow-up exercises. The author has also conducted interviews from several pharmaceutical marketing industry experts, each having 15 years or more of working healthcare RM knowledge, and each speaking on their specific specialities. For newcomers to healthcare marketing, this book can serve as a foundation and introduction that provides framework, details, and examples of both relationship marketing designs and associated measurement disciplines. "Healthcare Relationship Marketing" will also be valuable to readers currently working in pharmaceutical marketing or sales who may not have exposure to the particular disciplines of relationship marketing and direct response measurement and optimization. Even for the experienced practitioner this will serve as a convenient reference that pulls together all of the program components and measurement frameworks within a single book. This book may also serve as a textbook within a university master's level course in marketing, or a pharmaceutical M.B.A. program.

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