Get Niche Quick: The Definitive Guide To Marketing Your Business On The Internet Review

Get Niche Quick: The Definitive Guide To Marketing Your Business On The Internet
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This is a great, handy book to guide you through the internet jungle and will save you many hours of research. I really wish I had had this book before I set up my website. I ended up learning bits and pieces here and there through different people, and it was very confusing with many unexpected, frustrating twists along the way. This book could have saved me a lot of money and headaches!
The first chapter clears up what exactly niche marketing is, the importance of using key words and following your passion. Chapter 2 goes into detail on how to use Word Tracker (an important tool for finding out which key words are used most). This chapter has pictures to help those of us who are techno-challenged.
This section is loaded with details and examples.
Chapter 3 teaches how to "target the long tail," using longer chains of key words. It also teaches how to check out the competitor web sites in the same niche. Chapter 4 instructs on how to find affiliate programs so that you can make money by promoting items from other web sites, and teaches "netiquette," or proper e-mail behavior towards those you work with. The 5th chapter teaches how to decide upon info products and affiliate products. You are also given a list of some reputable companies you can make your own affiliate plan with, so others will advertise your products and get a percentage of what they sell to their list members.
Chapter 6 gives an in depth process of how to write your own info-product, such as an e-book. In the next chapter you learn basic web design and the author walks you through basic steps such as registering a domain name. Chapter 8 guides you to writing like a pro for online copy, using catchy headlines and subheadings. This is very detailed and includes 17 must-have items in your sales copy.
Chapter 9 is about your online marketing plan, and includes items such as your mission, promotion techniques, and making your website stand out. Chapter 10 tells you how to get the word out about your site. It tells how to make link exchanges work for you, how to contact owners of other sites, and more. Finally, the last chapter gives us many more tips such as writing articles and where to submit them, how to use blogs and RSS feeds, and more.
This book is a very easy read for a book on technology! It is clear, straightforward, is sprinkled with photos throughout, and makes a handy reference book to keep on hand even after you read it.

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Have you ever wanted to start your own online business, but found that most of what's available today is either outdated or is so full of jargon that you need a dictionary just to muddle through it?Worse yet, have you tried to do some research, only to fall prey to the many work-at-home scams that abound online?Would you like a guide that doesn't try to fill your head with techno-babble or try to sell you on the latest "home business opportunity"?Would you like to learn how other everyday people, just like you, are using the Internet to create their own thriving web-based businesses?Get Niche Quick! is filled with the latest internet marketing information, including fully-illustrated step-by-step techniques that anyone can use to start doing business online.What's more, you can use this book as a "blueprint" to grow multiple sources of income!

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Stealing the Network: How to Own a Shadow Review

Stealing the Network: How to Own a Shadow
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Did you enjoy the previous three Stealing the Network books? Are you looking for more? Then move along now, nothing to see here.
The prior books were interesting because they introduced the reader to new ideas or new angles on old ideas, then moved on without belaboring them. If you wanted more details, there were often URLs provided. The last two tied the stories together with the intriguing Knuth character. But the folks running the project chose to switch to a new format, with fewer characters and stories, not to mention fewer authors, and fewer ways to split the profits.
After three books with the same (proven) formula, it's understandable the authors would want to try something new. Alas, it's a disaster.
Welcome to "How to Own a Shadow," aka "The SQL Injection Adventures of Pawn." Pawn is one of the new characters in this volume, and is the first StN character I hoped would get shot to death by the cops in a mini-mall parking lot. Yes, he's that irritating. Particularly after reading 40 pages about his childhood as a high-functioning autistic (or something like that), and around 100 pages of him performing SQL injection attacks. Most of which is totally unrelated to Knuth. Note to the authors: SQL injection is interesting, but if you want to write a book about it, just write a book about it. I even gave you a title, what more do you want? You can even recycle much of this book, like you recycled part of the last one here.
Oh, you noticed the real subtitle of the book, "The Chase for Knuth." First, one chases _after_ fugitives, and hunts or searches _for_ them. Not that it matters, because there's not much chasing or hunting going on in this book. There isn't much Knuth, either. We see him in the first hundred pages, which is mostly about his son analyzing poker software. That's the last we see of either of them. Because, really, this is "The Biography of Pawn." We do get 50 pages of Knuth at the end of the book, but don't get excited: it's all from the last book, added as obvious filler.
Speaking of filler, there's a 17 page advertorial thrown in for BiDiBLAH, which is commercial software by SensePost. Oddly enough, they're listed as technical advisors for the book. I'm sure it's a fine app, but the authors have forgotten about Knuth again, since it has nothing to do with the story. If it had been relevant, it might have been a less obnoxious addition.
Not everything is bad. There's a brief bit about RFID, which of course turns into how to use RFID for SQL attacks. We get to meet Knuth's supposedly dead wife, and a charming shrew she is. All in all, though, this book isn't worth reading unless you're a truly devoted fan of the series, or SQL. I'm still a fan of the previous books, and I hope the authors can recapture what made them so intriguing for their next book. I won't be buying that one until I'm sure it's not Book Two of the Pawn Saga, however.

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The best-selling Stealing the Network series reaches its climactic conclusion as law enforcement and organized crime form a high-tech web in an attempt to bring down the shadowy hacker-villain known as Knuth in the most technically sophisticated Stealing book yet.Stealing the Network: How to Own a Shadow is the final book in Syngress' ground breaking, best-selling, Stealing the Network series. As with previous title, How to Own a Shadow is a fictional story that demonstrates accurate, highly detailed scenarios of computer intrusions and counter-strikes. In How to Own a Thief, Knuth, the master-mind, shadowy figure from previous books, is tracked across the world and the Web by cyber adversaries with skill to match his own. Readers will be amazed at how Knuth, Law Enforcement, and Organized crime twist and torque everything from game stations, printers and fax machines to service provider class switches and routers steal, deceive, and obfuscate. From physical security to open source information gathering, Stealing the Network: How to Own a Shadow will entertain and educate the reader on every page. The book's companion Web site will also provide special, behind-the-scenes details and hacks for the reader to join in the chase for Knuth. The final book in the Stealing the Network series will be a must read for the 50,000 readers worldwide of the first three titles The companion Web site to the book will provide challenging scenarios from the book to allow the reader to track down Knuth Law enforcement and security professionals will gain practical, technical knowledge for apprehending the most supplicated cyber-adversaries

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Pro Oracle Spatial for Oracle Database 11g (Expert's Voice in Oracle) Review

Pro Oracle Spatial for Oracle Database 11g (Expert's Voice in Oracle)
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I am currently working on system, the involves Oracle Spatial technology. This book was going to be me first step (almost) towards getting familliar with Spatial. I was little anxious about the level expected from the book's reader: "Intermediate-Advanced"; I haven't exactly felt like "advanced" in Oracle technology. It wasn't so bad; the book is really well written and I had no problems with understanding anything.
The book consists of six parts (including appendices). All the parts cover following subjects:
- Introduction to the technology. Technologies, to be exact; architectures of both, Spatial and Locator options are described -
differences between them.
- Basic concepts - basic know-how. The part, I needed the most met my expectations in 100%. It helped me to start coding really fast.
- Network analysis - more advanced subjects covered, the mostly ARE NOT available in Locator option (one I have access to); network analysis and routing engine, geometry engine. Also indexes and operators are described in one chapter of the book.
- Map Visualisation and creation - a lot of knowlege about MapBuilder, MapViewer and it's API - really helpful for anybody, who needs to visualize maps stored in Spatial.
- Sample applications and case studies - I always look for such chapter in every IT book I read. This is the place, where programmer might find a lot of answers to one's questions. There is also a chapter in this part, the belongs to the category "MUST read" - "Tips, common mistakes and common errors".
There is also sample code available for the readers - to be downloaded from the publisher's web page. It is really helpful to have it while reading the book. There is only one "but" - was, to be exact. About two weeks after the book had been published, the code wasn't available on the page. At least, I couldn't find it. Now it is possible to download it from here.
The book is really good - "must have" of every Oracle Spatial user. It might be helpful for the beginner and advanced developers as well. I would recommend it to everyone, who needs to get to know Oracle Spatial well. All the 756 pages (excluding index) are filled with reliable knowledge, especially that one of the authors - Ravi Kothuri is a member of Oralce spatial development team, where he works as software architect and team leader.

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Pro Oracle Spatial, shows readers how to use the increasingly powerful features that are built into the Oracle database for storing and analyzing location-based data. Targeted at designers and programmers of geographic information systems, Pro Oracle Spatial, is the only book to attack the increasingly important intersection of Oracle and spatial data.

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How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of "Intangibles" in Business Review

How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business
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Hubbard explains how to "find the value of intangibles in business." An excellent book and one which should be on every manager's book shelf.
Hubbard has made what can be a deadly dull subject interesting and accessible. I found several examples for measuring exactly what I needed and always felt I could not measure. This book is a must read for leaders including the Master Six Sigma Blackbelt on your staff. Finding the value of intangibles in business has always been a challenge. How to Measure Anything is full of practical ideas for getting to a measurement.
Measurement: reducing the uncertainty. As long as we are not willing to accept a best guess, or educated estimate, or range of possibilities for a difficult to measure item we will not move forward. Our decisions will be flawed. Hubbard put forth these four assumptions which I found to be most useful when thinking about measuring:
1.Your problem is not as unique as you think
2.You have more data than you think
3.You need less data than you think
4.There is a useful measurement that is much simpler than you think.

Numbers can be used to confuse people; especially the gullible ones lacking basic skills with numbers. Therefore we, as leaders, must be committed to making sure the whole organization is data driven and understands the way we can reduce uncertainty through the straight forward techniques Hubbard explains. As he states, "The fact is that the preference for ignorance over even marginal reductions in ignorance is never the moral high ground."
Hubbard gives us a very useful check list for a Universal Approach to Measurement:
1.What are you trying to measure? What is the real meaning of the alleged "intangible?"
2.Why do you care -- what's the decision and where is the "threshold?"
3.How much do you know now -- what ranges or probabilities represent your uncertainty about this?
4.What is the value of the information? What are the consequences of being wrong and the chance of being wrong, and what, if any, measurement effort would be justified?
5.Within a cost justified by the information value, which observations would confirm or eliminate different possibilities? For each possible scenario, what is the simplest thing we should see if that scenario were true?
6.How do you conduct the measurement that accounts for various types of avoidable errors (again, where the cost is less than the value of the information)?
I especially enjoy the approach Hubbard takes to quantify the cost of making measurement based on the value of the information obtained. Too often, I have seen projects founder on either inaction to get data which would be of great value and little cost or, perhaps, the exact opposite -- spending great amounts of time and money to obtain relatively useless information.
To emphasize: After reading Hubbard's excellent book on `How to Measure Anything,' I was able to immediately solve several measurement challenges for my CEO and Business Owner colleagues. This book makes accessible measurement techniques that have eluded many of my colleagues. It should be on every manager's desk. - Dave Kinnear, CEO dbkAssociates, Inc. and Vistage Chair.

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Praise for How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business"I love this book. Douglas Hubbard helps us create a path to know the answer to almost any question in business, in science, or in life . . . Hubbard helps us by showing us that when we seek metrics to solve problems, we are really trying to know something better than we know it now. How to Measure Anything provides just the tools most of us need to measure anything better, to gain that insight, to make progress, and to succeed."-Peter Tippett, PhD, M.D.Chief Technology Officer at CyberTrustand inventor of the first antivirus software"Doug Hubbard has provided an easy-to-read, demystifying explanation of how managers can inform themselves to make less risky, more profitable business decisions. We encourage our clients to try his powerful, practical techniques."-Peter SchayEVP and COO ofThe Advisory Council"As a reader you soon realize that actually everything can be measured while learning how to measure only what matters. This book cuts through conventional clich?s and business rhetoric and offers practical steps to using measurements as a tool for better decision making. Hubbard bridges the gaps to make college statistics relevant and valuable for business decisions."-Ray GilbertEVP Lucent"This book is remarkable in its range of measurement applications and its clarity of style. A must-read for every professional who has ever exclaimed, 'Sure, that concept is important, but can we measure it?'"-Dr. Jack StennerCofounder and CEO of MetraMetrics, Inc.

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BlackBerry for Work Review

BlackBerry for Work
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I am not very tech savvy and this book covers all the details of how I can really use my blackberry for e-mail, calendar, and much more. It showed me how to download applications and really get the max of out my blackberry.
I got an e-Book version, but I think I will buy the actual book when it is out. I need to read a few chapters again to decide which applications I should download from the Blackberry AppWorld. The book describes many of them and will help me pick the right ones for me.

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The BlackBerry's success is undeniable, and among professionals, BlackBerrys have become the SmartPhone of choice. It's highly functional, reliable, and supported by most enterprise IT departments. But do professionals get the most from these incredibly capable devices? This book shows business and professional users how to integrate their BlackBerry into a daily work routine. In short, BlackBerry means business and this is the only book specifically for the professional BlackBerry user.

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CWSP Guide to Wireless Security Review

CWSP Guide to Wireless Security
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Like how the information is presented throughout the book. Easy to read and contains good images. Many essential terms/subjects and a very good book for anyone wanting to learn about wireless networks and security.

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CWSP Guide to Wireless Security is a hands-on guide to defending wireless networks against attacks. It prepares students for the Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) certification from Planet3.

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Build a Brand in 30 Days: With Simon Middleton, The Brand Strategy Guru Review

Build a Brand in 30 Days: With Simon Middleton, The Brand Strategy Guru
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Simon Middleton's Book - Build A Brand In 30 Days is a great introduction to the subject of Branding. It is easy to read, jargon free, and full of easy to understand relevant examples and case studies. Branding is a critical area in the success of any business and Simon's book brings the subject to life. It also keeps it nicely relevant to even the smallest of brands or start-up businesses. He makes it clear that anyone can build a brand, and helps the reader to think clearly and strategically about the subject. By the time you get to the closing chapters you will have a great set of tools to help you steer and grow your brand, as well as some thought provoking insights to consider, and some cutting edge brands to follow and learn from.
Well worth a read and great value for money.
Norman Comfort
Build a Brand in 30 Days: With Simon Middleton, The Brand Strategy Guru

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You don't need a marketing degree or intensive training to build an attention-grabbing brand; you just need this book - and 30 days.
Simon Middleton shows you how to create, manage and communicate your brand profoundly and effectively, in just 30 days, by following 30 clear exercises. How you work through the book is up to you, the result will be the same: an authentic, compelling, and highly distinctive brand that will attract and engage customers and fans. You will learn how to:
Establish your brand values and positioning
Get the all-important name right
Bring your brand to life
Turn your customers into your advocates
Manage your PR and use your marketing budget wisely
Inspire your staff to live the brand too
Deal with problems when something goes wrong

Branding isn't about funky logos and expensive advertising. Your brand is what your company means to the world. Getting that meaning right is the most important thing you can do in business.
'Passionate and persuasive, Simon Middleton has a natural instinct for uncovering the Wow! factor in every brand.' Dawn Gibbins MBE, Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year and Star of Channel 4's The Secret Millionaire

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Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend Review

Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend
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This book, written in 1998 and revised in 2000, by Internet time standards can be considered outdated at the time of this writing (August 2002). The author unfortunately touched on a number of Web sites and tactics that nowadays are either dead (Web sites) or considered bad internet marketing practices (redirecting, use of link farms) that could actually get you delisted. The section on traffic analysis at least talks about a professional tool (WebTrends) but then goes down a long and unnecessarily technical talk about web logs that is sure to bore the heck out of non-technical readers. If you don't mind getting spammed big time, by registering for some of the services the author recommends that are still around, and don't mind dropping in the ranks of Google at all, then get this book and follow its advice. Otherswise, download (and pay) for a license of WebPosition Gold and read the book that Amazon sells about it.

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These days, everyone seems to have a home page or a Web site. However, just because you create and publish a Web site doesn't mean anyone will visit it. Competition to attract visitors is extreme. The reality is that of the millions of Web pages out there, only a handful actually attract a steady readership; and these same Web pages are the ones that attract advertisers. In order to compete, you need to develop and implement a Web site promotion plan. How can you know if people are visiting your Web site, and if they aren't, what can you do about it? What can you do to earn money on your Web site? Is there an easy way to attract readers and advertisers without spending a fortune? Yes is the answer to all of these questions, and Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend, Sixth Edition maps out a cost effective, comprehensive plan that both Web beginners and experts can use to build an audience for a home page or Web site. This book has compiled low-cost Web promotion and advertising techniques collected from the authors' years of practical experience, but you can implement them all in just one weekend!
What You'll Learn
Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend, Sixth Edition teaches you how to attract new visitors to your Web site and explains how to keep visitors coming back. The authors do so by helping you develop your own Web site promotion plan, leveraging a bevy of free and low-cost Web promotion and advertising techniques collected from years of practical experience. By reading this book, you will:

Learn how to increase Web traffic using different crawler-based search engines like Google and Bing and different directories like the Yahoo directory and the Open directory.
Learn how to leverage social media Web site like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace to drive additional traffic to your Web site.
Learn how search engines work and then find out how to leverage this information to increase search engine results for your Web site by improving keyword selection, descriptions, page titles, meta-information, etc.
Learn how to drive traffic to your Web site using e-zines and how to find the e-zines that work best for you.
Find out how to get your Web site listed as the cool site of the day and how to win awards that will help get your Web site noticed.
Find out how to use direct e-mail, newsgroups, and mailing lists as a means of marketing your Web site.
Discover how to use services provided by Web sites like eBay and to attract new visitors to your Web site.
Discover how easy it is to advertise your Web site using free banner exchanges.
Learn how to attract the masses by sponsoring your own giveaways, contests, sweepstakes, and more.
Discover who is visiting your Web site and find out what you can do to keep them coming back by learning how to analyze your Web traffic.

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The Age of Engage: Reinventing Marketing for Today's Connected, Collaborative, and Hyperinteractive Culture Review

The Age of Engage: Reinventing Marketing for Today's Connected, Collaborative, and Hyperinteractive Culture
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If you have not had any (or very little) exposure to digital marketing, by all means buy the book and read it. However, for anyone who has had some experience with digital marketing the last 5 years, this book offers very little new thinking (unless you are really bad at your job).
While the book is full of examples, if flows poorly. The author's points seem to get lost in a somewhat poor structure, and too many points thrown at the user without a proper flow to it. The author should definitely look into pyramid consulting techniques in order to present better. And given the author's savvy in online marketing, it does make me wonder whether the other reviews are legitimate.
But again, if you are a CEO, or non-marketing exec, or an "old school" marketer, this books seems like a useful intro to you. But you should be out reading Techcrunch, Marketing 2.0, Mobilemarketer, Mashable etc etc on a daily basis, and you would not only learn just as quick, you'd stay more current.

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Marketing has undergone a cataclysmic shift. Blogs, comment sites, and social networks have given your audience unprecedented power in their relationship with you and your products. How can you deploy today's new marketing tools to break through, build momentum, and gain recognition? Contrary to popular belief, adding a blog, podcast, wiki, or widget to your Web site won't automatically draw crowds. Fundamental change is required. Real-world examples from companies such as Volcom, Ryanair, IBM, Viking, Adidas, Proctor & Gamble, and many others show you how to open meaningful interactions with your customers, develop authenticity, share recognition, and engage. Whether you're a marketer, communications expert, CEO, or business owner, you face the daunting challenge of marketing with your customers, not to them. In The Age of Engage, widely respected marketing strategist Denise Shiffman lays out a provocative blueprint for how you can
Create persuasive value so that your products stand out in this new era
Build trust by reshaping audience interactions
Expand social currency and extend your sphere of influence
Deploy new marketing vehicles to capture the hearts, minds, and wallets of your customers
The Age of Engage will transform the way you think about marketing. It will inspire you to engage audiences by interacting with them in new and inventive ways. And, it will help you reshape or reinvent your company culture, products, and marketing to entice audiences and catalyze markets. Praise for The Age of Engage: 'The Age of Engage is an amazing and essential guide for business, defining the strategic path companies must take for product success. To master the profound changes in marketing forged by the evolution of the Web, every marketer must read this book!' --Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google 'The Age of Engage is revealing and straightforward and envisions a way for all of us to move easily into the open, interactive business and marketing practices Web 3.0 and beyond will require.' --Pat Sueltz, CEO, SurfControl PLC 'An illuminating text that assembles in one place the vast changes the Web is driving across marketing and explains today's requisite paradigm for reinventing your brand. It's Google Maps for marketers in this era.' --Tracey Stout, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Fair Isaac Corporation 'The Age of Engage is astute and inspiring. It has given me a host of creative approaches for marshalling the Live Web as a fundamental part of my brick and mortar business.' --Amanda West, CEO, Amanda's Restaurants 'The Age of Engage offers a blueprint for infiltrating the ongoing conversations of the Live Web that move a product from a mere commodity to a powerful brand.' --Ben Elowitz, CEO, Wetpaint 'Shiffman's conversational style embodies the authentic dialogue she believes companies must have in order to engage their audiences and succeed in the interactive age.' --Sam Yagan, CEO,

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Quest to Learn: Developing the School for Digital Kids (The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning) Review

Quest to Learn: Developing the School for Digital Kids (The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and                Learning)
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This book describes how the New York School Quest to Learn has been set up and how it works. Very inspiring for every educator and edupreneur! Chapeau to all people involved.
Less "chapeau" for the publisher: Why is a book about learning for digital kids only available as a hardcopy? Walk the talk, guys, wake up.

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The design for Quest to Learn, an innovative school in New York City thatoffers a "game-like" approach to learning.

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The Liberated Stock Trader: Your future in your hands. Stock Market Training for the independent investor. (Volume 1) Review

The Liberated Stock Trader: Your future in your hands. Stock Market Training for the independent investor. (Volume 1)
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The Liberated Stock Trader - Self Study Stock Market Training Course is structured in
a way that it provides clear, concise descriptions, covering the essential things you
need to know in order to trade successfully: Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis,
Money Management as well as how to develop your own Stock Market Strategies - Barry
refers to this as the four pillars of success
What makes this book unique is that it comes with 16 hours of lessons on DVD which is
priceless, allowing you to review any part of the course at your own time. It uses
many graphical examples, showing you what to look for as well as how to apply different
Technical Analysis Techniques. Barry helps you understand when, why and how the various
Indicators are used.
I found the practical guides very useful and time saving on how to find great stocks,
avoiding the most common mistakes, setting up trading systems and creating checklists.
I have never learned so much in such a short time before. Barry made it possible by
sharing his wealth of experience and simplifying things with his easy way of writing
and explaining
After completing the entire program, my confidence and skills levels have improved
tremendously. I am able to make informed decisions on my own without having to rely
on the experts. My entry and exit positions are no longer based on emotions; they
are now based on my trading strategies and skills that I've learned.
The Liberated Stock Trader - Self Study Stock Market Training Course is an exceptional
source of information for both the novice, as well as the more advanced trader. This book
is a must for any serious traders library.

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From pocket change to financial freedom.Learn the critical skills you need to be an independent, self directed stock market investor.

This is a truly unique stock market training course designed to help YOU make informed decisions about how to invest YOUR money, whether you are a beginner or already investing.

Only 20% of stock market investors are actually able to beat the market, this training course is designed to help you be part of that winning 20%

This book and the accompanying 16 hours of video training lessons have been created for those who are truly serious about their education. Barry D Moore's unique approach to training makes it easy to understand how the stock market works and how to apply your knowledge practically

This integrated stock market training course training course includes:

How you can find great stocks in great markets (Fundamental Analysis)
How you can master stock charts, indicators and patterns (Technical Analysis)
How many stocks to buy, when to buy and when to sell
How to create your own winning stock market strategy

Practical Guides to get you up and running fast include:

The Stock Traders Checklist
The Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid From The Start
Top 10 Best Free Stock Charting Tools
How To Find Great Stocks
The Stock Market Millionaire
The Trading System Workbook

This honest, independent and trustworthy education consists of:

The Liberated Stock Trader Book - large format and filled with diagrams and charts
16 hours of high quality video (available online)
Mobile Edition - 16 hours of video (for iPhone/iPad/Android)
Mobile Edition eBook in pdf format

With 16 hours of educational video tutorials and the Liberated Stock Trader Book you will be well prepared for successful stock market investing

Stock Market Success Need Knowledge, Experience And Patience

Get the knowledge you need with the Liberated Stock Trader

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Live First, Work Second Review

Live First, Work Second
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This book will lighten your load for understanding another, very significant generation of contributors to the present and future of our world of family, friends and work place.

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Live First, Work Second helps you understand the next generation - your children, your employees, your volunteers, patrons and donors ... and your future leaders.The book summarizes the collective intelligence of over 20,000 interviews with members of the next generations, and presents the findings in an accessible, sometimes irreverant style, in whichthe reader becomes a co-consiprator in creating better places to live and work.

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ColdFusion 9 Developer Tutorial Review

ColdFusion 9 Developer Tutorial
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There were/are tons of typo's in the code samples and throughout. In addition 0 - ZERO effort was made to update the book from Coldfusion 8. The samples and images still have references made to CF 8. Some of the code simply wouldn't work as it was written even after removing the typos. The last 3 chapters of the book were devoted to packages outside of Coldfusion. This bothered me a little as it wasn't a whose who but more of a use this. A tutorial is suppose to teach you how to get up and running and be successful not pimp other group's projects.
In the end I had to give it a couple stars because I did manage to learn the material; however, in some cases it's because I had to fix so many typos and figure out the right way to do something. I spent a lot of time looking up issues with Google.
And don't even bother looking at the blog they point you to in the beginning of the book. It's simply a shell with no substance. To get the code samples you actually need to go to the Packt publishing website. The samples don't match up very well with the book either. Many times when you look at what he tells you to type and use and then go look at the sample it will have twice as much code in it.
In one particular section he doesn't even tell you about a bunch of components you need that he just glosses over. It would have been better to spend a chapter on these extended components and how to do that instead of those other third party tag packages at the end of the book.

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This book is a fast-paced tutorial to developing ColdFusion applications, with an emphasis on real-world skills. Packed with examples and careful explanations, the book leads you through all the topics relevant to today's ColdFusion developer. This book is for web developers working with ColdFusion 9. If your goal is to get a good grounding in the basics of the language as quickly as possible and put a site together quickly, this book is ideal for you. This book will also help you if you want to learn more about professional programming of ColdFusion. No prior knowledge of ColdFusion is expected, but basic knowledge of general web and software development skills is assumed.What you will learn from this book...

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Successful Proposal Strategies for Small Businesses Review

Successful Proposal Strategies for Small Businesses
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I can't say enough about this book. As someone intimately involved with the defense industry, it is an absolutely outstanding companion to business development, strategy, etc. It has applicability well beyond the small business realm, and has particularly outstanding insights into the proposal management process, far stronger material than provided in the Shipley materials.

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Winning new business presents significant challenges. The new, Fifth Edition of this perennial bestseller updates and expands upon previous editions. The result is the ultimate resource for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as non-profit organizations and public-sector agencies, looking to achieve effective, efficient, and disciplined business development, proposal development, and knowledge management (KM) processes that in turn support winning new business. This popular book and its companion CD-ROM are highly accessible, self-contained desktop references developed to be informative, highly practical, and easy to use. Among the extensive array of new material, the Fifth Edition covers how to establish an internal rapid-response task order proposal "engine" for GWACs and ID/Iqs, prepare for successful graduation from the U.S. Small Business Administration 8(a) Program, and succeed in the world of very small businesses.The CD-ROM included features useful proposal templates in Adobe Acrobat, platform-independent format; HTML pointers to Small Business Web Sites; a comprehensive, fully searchable listing Proposal and Contract Acronyms; and a sample architecture for a knowledge base or proposal library.

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37 Days to Launch Review

37 Days to Launch
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If you've ever had a business idea and wanted to pick the brain of someone who knows what they're doing, the snappy and inspiring book "37 Days to Launch" is a valuable resource. Ryan Duques, entrepreneur and force to be reckoned with, shares the passion and know-how that helped him launch more than a dozen business ventures, including a chain of community newspapers, an online education company, and even a bank.
Duques chronicles his entrepreneurial journey through funny anecdotes (selling his parents their own coffee in the morning when he was 7) and serious reflection. He explains what he learned along the way and how those lessons shaped his business development technique. Some of his ideas were successful, some weren't, but many were launched quickly and all with palpable excitement. The book focuses on a particular startup he and business partner James Warner developed and launched in 37 days: the group deal website
The book features actual material from the brainstorming and execution process, including e-mails to designers and programmers, prospective logos he and Warner chose from, and their thought process every step of the way. Although the book revolves around launching a profitable website, the ideas and steps can apply to any goal.
This book speaks to anyone who has an idea but needs a kick in the pants to shut down the excuses and negative self-talk, stop waiting for the "perfect" time (there isn't one), quit worrying that it will take too long (done right, it doesn't have to), and get moving on systematically achieving their dreams. When you finish reading "37 Days to Launch", you'll want to sit down and set up your own plan for success.

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This short book was written by serial entrepreneur Ryan Duques right after the debut of, which he and his business partner founded, conceived, developed, and launched during a 37-day period in early 2011. Duques shares a glimpse inside the mind of an entrepreneur and how ones business and personal lives meld into one during the launch of a company. Duques s book explores how decisions were made, how mistakes were corrected, and, ultimately, how the business was launched. Expect to learn a few new business development techniques and how to connect with other entrepreneurs during this quick read.

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Bang Colombia: Textbook On How To Sleep With Colombian Women Review

Bang Colombia: Textbook On How To Sleep With Colombian Women
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I read this book before coming to Colombia and continue re-reading it while in Colombia for tons of valuable tips. If you're coming to Colombia and are interested in meeting Colombian women, this book is a great resource for outlining the cultural differences and the challenges you'll face as an outsider. I'd spent a lot of time in other South American countries, but even so, there were big differences in Colombia that Bang Colombia fortunately prepared me for.
At times it's almost eerie how dead-on the descriptions of cultural behavior matched my experiences in real life. My only complaint is that the Spanish text in the book is a bit erroneous or different from the provided English equivalent. Not a huge deal practically, since if you don't know Spanish and need to use verbatim lines from the book, you'll likely be making mistakes anyway.
It's a pretty short book, but it's packed with good information and will certainly save you from a lot of pitfalls and wasted time if you've never been to Colombia.

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Bang Colombia is a travel guide designed to help you sleep with Colombian women in Colombia without paying for it. It contains dozens of moves, lines, and tips learned after six months of research in Medellin, Bogota, and Cali, where the author dedicated his existence to cracking the code of Colombian women, who are more challenging than their Western counterparts.

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Mastering Blender Review

Mastering Blender
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I am a Blender wannabe. I know I'll never be anything more than a tinkerer with it and I certainly don't have the artistic ability to do anything serious with it. Blender is an open source, free 3D program with an impressive list of capabilities. In fact, Blender rivals commercial programs costing thousands of dollars.
"Mastering Blender" is the third Tony Mullen book I've read and it is as impressive as the first two. But Mullen's books are aimed at people who are actually quite proficient with Blender. As Mullen puts it, he is writing for "intermediate and advanced" Blender users. If you've attempted to use Blender, you'll immediately recognize that even achieving the intermediate stage of proficiency requires many hours of learning and doing.
That said, there is nothing that prevents the patient novice Blender user from reading, looking at the pictures and, in my case, gasping both at what Blender can do and at the people like Mullen who can do it.
The first chapter is actually helpful to inexperienced users, as it describes how you can gain control of the Blender interface.
After that, it is strictly for the more advanced and capable user. Sculpting and Retopo Workflow explores sculpting; Creating Realistic Images with UV Textures and Node-Based Materials covers texturing snd then Mullen moves into Video Compositing, which is a Blender feature I didn't know existed.
The next six chapters cover scripting Blender with Python, another revelation, and mastering the Blender Game Engine.
Mullen appears to be one of the most knowledgeable Blender users on the planet. His writing style tends to be matter of fact and very straight-forward. His coverage of each of his subject areas is very thorough. There are many large and clear illustrations.
Overall, though it is highly doubtful that I will personally ever be able to use these Blender capabilities, I really enjoyed learning about them through Mullen's ably crafted book.

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Blender, the free alternative for professional-quality 3D animation is a complex program to learn, but once users become familiar with its power, they begin to seek more from it. This book is the first of its kind to explore the more advanced features of Blender so that you can get the most out of the software. You'll take your Blender skills to a whole new level with the featured in-depth coverage of intricate uses for Blender's modeling, texturing, animation, and visual effects tools in a professional environment.
Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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