A Guide to Great Field Trips Review

A Guide to Great Field Trips
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I'm the editor of a magazine for K-12 teachers, and here's what I wrote about Carroll's book for the summer issue:
Before you plan your next field trip, you'll want to consult A Guide to Great Field Trips by Kathleen Carroll. The book covers everything you need to know about field trips, from destinations to planning to follow-up.
Take a creative approach to field-trip possibilities in your community -- from the local airport to beauty shops to the American Red Cross. Cemeteries, clock shops and dentist offices all offer opportunities to expand your students' experience. Farmers' markets, food banks and supermarkets can teach students about food production; and garbage dumps, fire departments and water-treatment plants educate kids about the underpinnings of their lives. Carroll lists more than 120 ideas for local field trips.
What about those situations in which a field trip isn't feasible? Bring the field trip to the classroom, Carroll says. Invite local business owners such as radio-show hosts and pet-shop owners to share their specialties with students. With access to the Internet, the possibilities for virtual field trips are unlimited. Carroll covers Webquests and other Web-based adventures that bring the world to your students.
How will you know what students learned from the experience? Carroll offers creative and quick ideas for assessment.
Finally, don't overlook the logistics of planning a field trip. An entire chapter provides advice and checklists for field-trip planners.
Carroll's book is an essential resource for teachers.

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Formerly published by Zephyr Press

This comprehensive guide explores how to use field trips to increase student learning and responsibility and covers practical issues such as safety, transportation, permissions, and chaperones.

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