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Curious Alignments
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This book gets you thinking about how much is coincidence and how much is not coincidence in modern and historical building. It contains many references to places near and far and small and wide and sticks in your head even after you have put the book down.

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Curious Alignments explores the history of inter-connected, ancient urban development around the world using Google Earth, the popular, free mapping program to explore curious connections between the sites of ancient temples and cities. Related videos can be viewed at of the Playlist--Curious Alignments: The Global Economy Since 2500 BCE.In the ancient and medieval world, the divine often inspired urban and regional site selection, planning, design, and the construction of edifices. Even the placement of fountains and altars in places of worship have held great significance to humans since ancient times. The sacred seometry that produced pleasing aesthetics for the and perfect acoustics for the ear often mirrored the planets and stars in the heavens--as above, so below. Thishuman desire to understand the cosmos extends back to ages for which we possess no records except the ceremonial sites and the Sacred Geometry reflected within them and among them. Considering the known or estimated dates at which sacred sites were constructed, it appears that the use of SacredGeometry by humankind has waxed and waned multiple times over the millennia of our epoch. In various regions of the world, the construction of pyramids, stone circles, mounds, and temples sometimes transpiredconcurrently, and sometimes did not.Furthermore, the use of Sacred Geometry has focused on the movements of the sun, moon, starts and planets for reasons extending from the purely pragmatic to the completely spiritual.

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